Field Eagle was founded with the mission of making inspections easy. We build both turnkey solutions and custom applications for the inspection of equipment. With Field Eagle, our customers can supervise and explore the performance of their assets from the comfort of their desktop. Your assessments are automatically synced to a private server where you can study the results at your convenience and in real time.

Inspection Management Software Field Eagle

Inspection Management With Field Eagle

Inspection Management Software Process

With Field Eagle, you receive the flexibility to manage your inspections from a centralized database. You can dispatch inspectors from your desktop dashboard and automatically receive their reports on your same desktop. With our application, you can automatically consolidate reports and analyze inspection results with only a few keystrokes. With our service inspections that once took days can be accomplished in hours or minutes.

Inspection Management Features

Condition Reporting

With Field Eagle, inspectors have the ability to produce a report on the condition of an asset at any time during the inspection. Surveyors can choose from marking equipment Critical, Major, or Minor. Inspectors can also contrast previous reports and create new reports on demand with a few keystrokes. Investigators can also choose from templates or customized reports. The options are:

Punch List Report

The Punch List Report highlights the compliance of an asset. Items can be marked as Critical, Major, or Minor.

Punch-List Report

Final Compliance Report

The Final Compliance Report is a complete and comprehensive communication on the status of an asset. The report includes a cover page, the client details, the Client-Inspector signature, Charts, item hierarchies, and Punch List reports. Items in the Hierarchy List can be labeled as non-accessible, removed, or accessible reviewed.

Punch-List Report

Facility Management

Inspection Management Software

Field Eagle is constructed for the smooth inspection of your facility. You can choose from our standard edition or we can customize our software for your needs. We know that the clean operation of your asset is pivotal to your prosperity and the success of the society. This is why we built our software to make your inspections as quick, simple, and automated as possible. We can also customize our software to your exact needs and specifications.

Equipment Lifecycle Monitoring/ Management

With Field Eagle, you can optimize the life cycle of your equipment across its service life. We are aware that equipment maintenance can be demanding as it ages. This is why we constructed our application to automatically analyze inspection reports over time. You can electronically filter your equipment assets by location, equipment, or client and monitor the asset over its entire lifetime.

Inspection Management Software

Compliance Management

Field Eagle built its service to reduce the compliance costs of ISO, COR, ESHQ, and other regulations. We are aware that mistakes can be expensive. Both in the regulatory fines and in the loss of confidence of clients. This is why we built Field Eagle to provide turnkey solutions to all of your compliance needs. With Field Eagle, you can maintain an on-demand database of all inspections and their compliance.

Inspection Management Software

Compliance Audit

With Field Eagle, you can reduce the costs of regular compliance audits. Our software is compatible with all industry standards including ISO, COR, and ESHQ. With our service, you no longer have to lose hours or days auditing your assets and waiting for the reports to come in. Audit reports are automatically merged with regular inspections and can be retrieved in seconds instead of hours. You can also create audit reports in minutes instead of hours and upload the results to management.

Inspection Management Software

Data Management

With Field Eagle, you can cut time and expense off of your data management budget. Our API’s are capable of storing and analyzing your equipment inspections out of the box. With our turnkey solutions, you can consolidate all of your documents, inspection items, templates, and regulations into a single dashboard. We can also construct unique applications to fit your inspection management needs. Our software can be integrated into SAP, Oracle, Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics, and many others. You can also be confident that your data is secure. Our software is capable of updating external data networks in near real-time from the touch of a key.

Inspection Management Software


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