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About Field Eagle

Field Eagle is a system configured to your needs. With a powerful inspection and audit backbone, Field Eagle integrates with other data systems to maximize operational, reporting and productivity goals.

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Software Services and Benefits

Make decisions faster with precise and holistic data

Centralize data through integration

Configure dashboards to your specs

Maintain current workflows

Achieve your metrics with a personalized solution

Mobile Site Inspections

Paperless Field Operations

Support digital compliance (ISO, OHSAS, OSHA, COR, etc)

Collect, submit and report in real-time

Quantify and control risk with visibility and analytics

Easy Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Site-specific reporting and visibility

Customized Workflows

Assign tasks & documentation to field workers in real-time.

Monitor and Inspect Safety Regulations

Industries Served


CMMS Software for Mining
Increase mining productivity and safety.

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Oil & Gas

Audit Software for Oil & Gas
Maximize risk management and efficiency.

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Inspection Software for Transportation
Improve safety while reducing costs.

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Inspection software for Construction
Increase COR compliance and quality assurance.

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Heavy Equipment

Inspection Software for Heavy Equipment
Ensure a reliable and effective preventative maintenance plan.

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Safety Software for Utilities
Improve risk management and profitability for Utilities.

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