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Harness the power of Field Eagle – Your dynamic risk management solution.

Manage audits & inspections, streamline operations, and expedite risk mitigation efforts & corrective actions through instant reports and in-depth data analysis.

Inspection software

A Completely Customizable Data Collection Tool

Field Eagle is ready to be used out of the box. Simply create your forms and start collecting data instantly. The platform enables businesses to capture inspection data electronically using mobile devices and generate real-time reports and analytics.

Additionally, Field Eagle is an entirely customizable data collection tool. Create customized inspection checklists, forms, and workflows to meet your business needs. Leverage Field Eagle to capture inspection data and generate real-time reports and analytics. 

Allows companies to create customized checklists and forms for inspections, work orders, and other processes. These can be tailored to include specific questions and data fields relevant to the company’s operations and can be modified or updated.

The system allows the customization of workflows based on companies’ specific requirements. This includes defining approval processes, creating automatic notifications and alerts, and assigning tasks to specific users or groups.

Businesses can create custom dashboards that provide real-time analytics and insights into data and key performance indicators.

Provides a range of options for customizing reports and analytics. Companies can create custom reports with only the needed data and export them in various formats.

Field Eagle can be integrated with other software and systems like ERP, SAP or CMMS. This allows for a seamless data flow between systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving data accuracy.

field eagle data collection & reporting management system

How it Works

First, set up your account and configure the platform. This may involve creating custom forms, setting up workflows, and configuring integrations with other systems.
Once you're up and running, you can use Field Eagle to schedule jobs and assign them to specific field staff. The platform will automatically notify the staff of their assignments, and they can use a tablet to access job details, directions, and any required forms or checklists.
Data Collection
While on the job, field workers can use the tablet app to collect data, complete forms, and take photos or videos. All of this information is stored securely in the cloud, and can be accessed by office staff in real-time.
Reporting & Analytics
Field Eagle provides powerful reporting and analytics tools that allow you to track key metrics such as job completion, Compliant and non compliant items, worker productivity, and overall performance. You can use these insights to identify areas for improvement and optimize field operations over time.
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Field Eagle is designed to help organizations manage their field data collection for operations more efficiently. It is built around a suite of tools that can help streamline workflows, standardize and automate processes, and improve reporting. 

Field Eagle is a versatile platform that can help you manage field data collection. It allows companies with field operations to standardize and automate their data collection processes by streamlining workflows and providing comprehensive reporting and analytics.

More Field Eagle Features

Field Eagle Client Portal is efficient and secure

Client Portal

The Field Eagle client portal is an efficient and secure web-based platform that enables businesses to grant their clients real-time access to their reports and data.

Auto-generate report


Field Eagle offers an advanced solution for auto-generated reports that can significantly reduce the time required for reporting.

Take real-time photos and notes

Notes & Photos

Field Eagle users can take real-time photos and notes directly from tablets to provide visual evidence of any issues detected during inspections.

Field Eagle supports scanning barcodes and RFID tags

Bar Code & RFID

With Field Eagle's bar code & RFID reader, users can easily scan equipment, parts, or other assets during inspections or audits.

Field Eagle provides Geotagging capabilities

Geo Tagging

Geo-tagging automatically captures geographical locations using GPS coordinates when taking photos during inspections. Users can track where inspections were conducted by attaching Geo tags to inspection photos.

Field Eagle is NASPO approved

NASPO Approved

NASPO ValuePoint has approved Field Eagle. This includes compliance with security and privacy regulations and adheres to industry best practices for software development and implementation.

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