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Field Eagle is the best tool for Preventative Maintenance

Field Eagle is a unique, distinct blend of creativity based on a mix of experience and technical skills. These are crafted into a robust preventive maintenance software that delivers to your needs and expectations.

Every thriving business that combines the power of equipment and workforce needs a preventive maintenance program.

Having a preventative maintenance program is required for excellence in service, which in turn delivers peace-of-mind knowing that every aspect of equipment maintenance is covered. The end result: cost savings, efficiency, and great compliance.

Field is a robust preventative maintenance tool

Preventive Maintenance Software For Your Needs and Expectations

As a mobile maintenance inspection management software solution, Field Eagle is one of the most robust preventative maintenance tools. Customized for every industry’s needs, Field Eagle is a tool to meet organizational goals of maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Effective Preventative Maintenance

Field Eagle not only gives you these, but also guarantees your worker’s safety, increases your productivity and saves you valuable time.

Our software is a complete solution for effective preventive maintenance. Packed with incredible features designed to proactively identify potential problems, Field Eagle ensures accuracy and high-quality data, increases proactive inspections and maintenance efficiency as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.

Effective Preventative Maintenance
Field Eagle automates Preventive Maintenance Activities

Automates Preventive Maintenance Activities

Built to help administrators manage assets, maintenance tasks, inspections, assignments, clients, templates, and reports, the software automates all preventive maintenance activities. Additionally, Field Eagle speeds up the inspection process, and provides faster (and remote) access to records, making it possible to perform complete inspections in record time.

Users can quickly create and modify generic work order templates to support unlimited item hierarchies for complex work orders and effortlessly manage data including documents, regulatory items, and industry standards.

It gets even better, during the inspection. The field inspectors and maintenance managers have the added advantage of being able to;

  • Add missing items as necessary
  • Take notes
  • Capture and mark up photos
  • Scan barcodes
  • Electronically sign final reports
  • Compare notes
  • Create Customized Maintenance Order Templates

The Best Part

Here’s the best part though.

When off-the-shelf solutions won’t work, Field Eagle can be customized to optimize performance and maximize ROI.

With a robust inspection and safety audit backbone, the software easily integrates with the existing IT framework to give you custom APIs, modules, dashboards, and reports for optimal productivity.

Field Eagle Inspections & Safety Audits

Key Product Features & Benefits

Keeping Your Equipment Running Smooth: Track the Health of Your Assets with Field Eagle

Client Location Management

The health of your assets is critical to your success and to that of your client’s business. If even a single cog in the system malfunctions, your operations can be disrupted, or in worse cases, halted.

Field Eagle preventive maintenance software helps businesses prevent breakdowns by allowing for in-depth assets monitoring with unlimited item hierarchies. After monitoring, you can generate detailed, customized reports to find accurate insight into the condition of the assets. Any severe defects can then be addressed immediately.

There are three types of asset health reports that you can generate;

  • Asset condition reports: These reports display asset condition over a selected period. Condition reports can be generated by location, client, or asset.
  • Punch list reports: Punch list reports provide insight on compliance for assets that are marked as critical, major, or minor.
  • Final compliance reports: A more detailed report with a cover page and client details, final compliance reports provide in-depth insight into the compliance status of items.

Planned Inspections to Prevent Future Liabilities Now

Item Hierarchies

Plan your inspections better with the Field Eagle mobile inspection software. The software’s inspector module allows you to manage all inspections and the inspectors working on each project. This is no ordinary assets management software you’ve seen before. Among others, you benefit from;

  • A customized User dashboard: This makes it possible for each inspector to provide managers with data of all current maintenance work activities, ongoing inspections, and completed tasks.
  • User performance reporting: An user performance report can be generated after the completion of each assigned task. The report displays all users in the system, their performance ratings, and the number of successful and failed inspection points.
  • Compare Tasks: Finally, during a planned maintenance, users can compare current answers to answers from previous reviews to determine whether there are past deficiencies. If issues are discovered, Field Eagle allows users to check whether the problem has been rectified.

Condition Monitoring for Optimal Equipment Performance, All with Field Eagle

Asset conditions report

Is every part of the system running smoothly? Could there be issues with the sub-parts located deep within the system?

Field Eagle allows managers to monitor every single component in the greater system, big or small, to ensure optimal efficiency and maximum productivity.

Monitor unlimited item hierarchies: No more worrying about components located deep within the system. Field Eagle makes it possible to handle a broad spectrum of complex inspections and maintenance tasks so you can gain insight into items with multiple child items, even where the child items have child items of their own.

Keep all the data in one place: It gets better. All the data points gathered during an task execution is kept in a single location for ease of management and analytics. You can even categorize the items, so that related data points are stored in an organized manner for ease of location.

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