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Society is impacted by utilities at every moment of the day, from providing electricity, telecom services, clean water, and central heating and cooling.

Field Eagle is the ideal utilities software for managing these risks faster, simpler and smarter and is a proven solution with customized configurations so it meets your unique needs.

Utility Inspection Software - Field Eagle


Field Eagle’s Solution

Field Eagle can be configured and customized to be your utility inspection management software.  



Maintenance Management

Field Eagle gives you the ability to inspect infrastructure in a timely, comprehensive fashion. Inspections can trigger work orders and also capture data that can be used for the development of preventative maintenance programs. 


ROW Inspection Reporting for Utilities

ROW Inspection Reporting

Field Eagle recognizes the needs of utility companies to install, operate and repair their facilities in a coherent, safe and efficient manner while minimizing the disruption to road users and other utility infrastructure. Field Eagle offers customized ROW inspections & reporting to ensure that ROW compliance will be met to avoid any unplanned down time.



Safety Standards Compliance

Field Eagle’s structure inherently supports the incorporation of corporate and regulatory standards that can be monitored in the field.


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