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A running production line is a profitable production line. If assembly lines are stopped, every second cause losses that have to be avoided at all costs.

Field Eagle can help minimize interruptions and slow downs by streamlining and digitizing your inspection process. With faster and more accurate data being submitted, production line downtime can be predicted and minimized.

Manufacturing Inspection Software - Field Eagle


Field Eagle Inspection Software keeps your production moving

Field Eagle inspection software can help make certain that the machines and processes required for the continuous operation of assembly lines are running as planned, so manufacturing timetables are met.

A damaged or neglected machine can cause issues like damage to the production line, to the units produced, or even the workers on the same line. With Field Eagle and regular inspections, these machines can be kept running at top performance.

Field Eagle inspection software can also be used when checking products during quality assurance phases, to maintain yields, and avoid sending defective products for further processing. It also helps the final inspection process before boxing/shipping products.

For both manufacturing processes and final products Field Eagle can help identify potential issues, such as a higher rate of defective products coming from certain assembly lines needing more maintenance or equipment upgrades.

Production Line Inspection Software - Field Eagle


Maintain High Product Standards

Different inspectors throughout different facilities on potentially different countries or continents will take different approaches to the inspection process, and products from one facility may differ or be subpar compared to another due to differing inspection standards.

By using Field Eagle to standardize your inspection processes and checklists, you can maintain product standards across all of your production lines, facilities, and inspectors.

With the ability to customize Field Eagle checklists, you can standardize your inspections while still allowing for the small variances that each production requires, from local customs to the local language.

Product Standard Inspection Software - Field Eagle


Field Eagle inspection software helps keep your workers safe

Inspecting assembly machines isn’t just important for production.

You need to make sure that proper safeguards are in place and functioning properly to keep your workers safe. Injuries are costly in terms of money and production lost.

Proper, regular inspection of machinery can insurance that maintenance is applied as needed, rather than dealing with costly consequences.

Manufacturing Worker - Field Eagle


Field Eagle is the Solution for Manufacturing line inspections


Compliant with standards

Stay Compliant

Compliance violations can have huge consequences, Field Eagle can help eliminate those by providing a way to do regular inspections and highlight issues ahead of time, rather than manually going through reports and trying to spot them.

Field Eagle is also customizable and adaptable to new, oncoming regulations, and it also allows for documentation to be provided to the inspectors for them to look up any questions they may need, allowing inspectors to do their job faster and more effectively.


Future Forecasting

Future Forecasting

Proper forecasting is essential. Knowing how many products can reliably come from a particular assembly line, how many of them may be defective, and how often a line has to be down for maintenance and repair can also help keep company goals in line.

Additionally, proper forecasting can help determine which machinery may be running at less capacity than ideal, and help make the decision to either do additional repairs and maintenance, or replace the equipment.

Field Eagle can help your gather the information and intelligence you need in order to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.


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