Field Eagle Heavy Equipment Inspection Software

Countries around the world are seeing increasing growth in industrialization and urbanization. This trend is not slowing down and by 2050 it is expected that ⅔ of the world's population will live in urban and developed societies.

Addressing this need in part is data showing that construction by itself is expected to account for 13.5% of global productivity by 2025. Heavy equipment is used in a host of different industries which are going to be directly impacted by this growth. From oil to mining, farming, and city services to name just a few each of these industries needs heavy equipment.

Ensuring that the equipment available to businesses in these industries requires a regular cycle of audit and inspection. We understand that field inspections can be an arduous task especially when it comes to equipment and machinery. A lot of manpower and time is required for a complete and reliable inspection report. However, thanks to technological advancements there are options available. We now have a better, way to conduct assets inspections- Field Eagle is a Heavy Equipment Inspection Software. Developed by Konverge Digital Solutions, it offers a groundbreaking solution for inspections.

Heavy Equipment Inspection Software


Heavy Equipment Inspection Software

Instead of manually answering hundreds of question on paper sheets, or spending weeks on analysis, you have software that offers a risk-based, paperless solution. It offers complete configuration, thus making the entire auditing or inspection process a piece of cake. This new software will allow the inspector to go to the site, have a look at the equipment, sign into the system and perform the detailed inspection and reporting in real-time.

The system comprises of two main parts, the server part, and the mobile application part. All the analysis is done at the server end. The mobile application, on the other hand, is a front-end application that allows the inspector to review the inspections. Once the inspector signs into the system, he would have a series of question. The type and the nature of these questions depend on the people sitting at the administrative end.

To ensure reliability, Field Eagle heavy equipment inspection software offers customization. The software has the ability to be configured in order to meet your unique needs. It does not use a generalized template. On the contrary, it allows you to personalize it to match your requirements thus making it easier, faster and smarter for you to manage risks.

Heavy Equipment Inspection Software

Heavy Equipment Condition Monitoring with Field Eagle

Heavy Equipment Condition Monitoring Software Field Eagle

A good preventative plan lies at the base of a thriving business. It offers profitability, security, and avoidance of system failure. The cost of reactive repairs is way more than proactive ones.

Field Eagle heavy equipment inspection software offers a reliable and effective preventative plan. It ensures the safety of your workers, and it makes sure that you are kept well informed regarding the health of your heavy equipment. It will provide you the support that you will need to complete your projects within the desired period and budget. Field Eagle will provide you with all the right tools, expertise and technique to gather the information you need. This will provide you with a better understanding of your equipment’s health.

Field Eagle offers the best of both worlds; it is a perfect blend of technical skills and experience. The software offers effective methods for data collection and smart data analysis. To ensure the accuracy of the data, you can send real-time information directly to the servers. This can include pictures of equipment, availability, and activity. Field Eagle will do an in-depth data analysis, and it will provide you with accurate maintenance recommendations. These recommendations will help increase the equipment’s life cycle and reduce operating cost.

Safety Standards Compliance and Audit Ready with Field Eagle

Heavy Equipment Inspection Safety Complients and Audit Ready

There is no need for different software for auditing and maintaining safety standards. With Field Eagle heavy equipment inspection software, you have one solution to all your problems. The software is more than just a data collection or an auditing service. It offers different personalized services to clients to ensure that they are getting value for their money. Field Eagle offers consistent audit scheduling with just one point of contact. The main objective of Field Eagle inspection software is to create value for the clients via automatic auditing system.

The software comes with features that allow you to regulate the standards that are to be monitored in the field. Inspectors have the ability to capture data that is used for the development of an effective and smart preventative maintenance plan and work orders. It also understands and supports the incorporation of the business units. With Field Eagle inspection, it is possible to inspect the infrastructure in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Field Eagle ensures the safety of your workplace, along with the safety of your equipment. You do not have to worry about the machinery that is buried deep down in the system. Field Eagle allows monitoring of unlimited item hierarchies. It has the ability to handle complex inspection and to allow you to gain insight; it tends to manage the task effectively. It offers insight along with their multiple child items. Regardless, how far down the hierarchy goes, Field Eagle will provide you with a reliable insight and complete information and help your organization stay on the top of audits and regulatory compliance.

Customizable Solution According to your Process Requirement

Heavy Equipment Inspection Software

Field Eagle comes packed with outstanding solutions for all your inspection related process. However, we do understand that every business is unique, thus it requires a unique solution. Sometimes off-the-shelf is not what will work for you. If that is the case, you have come to the right place. Field Eagle understands that customization is important.

We will customize the software to maximize the ROI and to optimize your company performance. There is no limit to our customization ability; you can add a feature, remove a feature, and change the UI and much more. To support unlimited item hierarchies, we allow our users to easily create generic work order templates and effortlessly edit them. This allows the smooth management of data including industry standards, regulatory items, and documents.

We firmly believe in making the software as effective as possible. We are focused on ensuring that it easily integrates with the company’s current IT framework. The idea is to give you the ability to customize reports, dashboards, modules, and API’s. It allows you to maximize production. Customized Field Eagle inspection software will be designed to cater to your present and future business needs.


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