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Mining companies struggle with major challenges: operational safety, regulatory compliance, market volatility, environment, financial and employee risks.

Field Eagle is the ideal mining software for managing these risks faster, simpler and smarter and is a proven solution with customized configurations so it meets your unique needs.

Field Eagle for the Mining Industry


Field Eagle’s Solution



Standards Compliance

Field Eagle can be configured with your pre-defined set of rules and processes, which can enable you to comply with any Government or Corporate regulatory standards.   Corporate governance is enforced through greater accuracy, compliancy and traceability.


Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Field Eagle is an equipment asset management system that saves you money and time. Use the Field Eagle inspection data to set up preventative maintenance schedules. Get rid of paper files and organize your asset portfolio in a digital solution. You will have have inspection and maintenance histories, detailed checklists, and look-back analysis which facilitates safety, corrective actions, and process improvements that can prevent costly accidents or recurrences.

Know exactly what assets you have, where they are located, what their status is and understand their value.



Mobile Site Inspections

Getting rid of paper and pen forms in the field and replacing them with a mobile solution has many advantages. Your inspection forms will never be out of date and inspectors will carry fewer things. With a mobile solution, standards are pre-defined and as questions are answered they are measured directly against them. This allows the inspector to easily identify non-compliance issues on the spot and reduces human error & ensure accuracy.



Instant Punch List Reports

Field Eagle understands the potential risks present in the mining industry.  Upon detecting a problem, a punch list report can be created and sent to the appropriate channel immediately.  This function allows for early detection of issues and implementation of preventative maintenance procedures.



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