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Employee health and safety is a critical concern for many businesses. When you consider high risk industries like construction, mining and transportation, this importance only increases. With the oil and gas industry for example, workers are often in remote locations with limited access to supporting resources. Governments around the world have created specific regulations to protect workers in these scenarios.

Data collection is an especially important task that used to consume significant time and resources. Even with this investment, it is subject to inaccuracies and human error. When it comes to health and safety, this is especially dangerous. This is where Field Eagle comes into play.

Companies realized that a tool that can collect accurate health and safety data was essential. In heavy industries with staff located in remote and often inaccessible areas, this requirement became even more critical. When inspectors and auditors are required to visit these locales, it is critical to ensure that they get the job done right, the first time.

Field Eagle with its focus on digital technology and tools enables this in a simple and cost-effective manner. By removing the traditional paper/pencil means of gathering data, the tool allows management to quickly and easily identify issues and problems in a proactive manner. Health and Safety inspections are now significantly easier to do and quicker to conduct.

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Detailed Health & Safety Inspection Templates

The Field Eagle inspection system is composed of two parts. The FE server and the FE tablet. With the server, management has access to all the data provided by the inspectors in real-time. This allows them to run real-time reports and obtain information on problem areas quickly and easily.

Inspectors in the field use standard templates, but Field Eagle provides companies with the ability to customize these templates for specific criteria. When it comes to Health and Safety this feature is critical as it ensures that inspectors are looking in the right area. This helps organizations improve their culture by creating a safety focused management system.

Digital Inspection Forms and Checklist Templates
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Field Eagle is equipped with generic templates that are customizable for specific jobs. This makes it possible for the inspection guidelines to be built before the inspection. Site inspection templates can be created that allow the team to report hazards and specific incidents. In addition, detailed notes of safety meetings can be created and stored in a single place. This allows the team to assign and track issues and problems from inception to completion and also track problematic equipment and repairs to ensure that equipment is safe to use.

Field Eagle inspection software is highly flexible and powerful. Field Eagle templates come equipped with several item hierarchies which enable accurate inspection of complex assets. Customization is straightforward.

Regulatory Compliance and Standards Ensured

The cost of non-compliance is not only the potential impact to the health of the worker, but also significant financial penalties to the business. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore some of these regulations which could land your company in lots of trouble. Field Eagle, however, has made sure that it maintains compliance and standards as required by the industry. Here are some of the ways the Field Eagle ensures regulatory compliance and standards.


Site-specific Visibility and Reporting

Inspections and audits can be sent back to the head office instantaneously. Through the use of dedicated tablets and smartphones, a single click is all that is needed to submit information. Specific sites are visible to managers at any time. This digital generation of reports also reduces costs and improves the quality of data. This ensures a faster inspection; hence defects are addressed in time.

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Paperless Operations in the field

Writing data on papers are prone to errors and incomplete statements. It is easy to miss information when transferring data from paper to digital format. They also take longer to compile hence are subject to disjointing of data. Such inaccuracies are less likely when using mobile inspection devices.

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Digital Safety Management

Mobile inspection devices have predefined standards. It is possible to instantaneously measure collected data against the standards when it is gathered. This makes it easier to pick out the non-compliant items right on site. Mobile inspection devices are also equipped to determine the weightings of items. This lets an inspector make a decision about the severity or criticality of a defect.

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Digital Document Management

With the mobile inspection device, you are able to communicate details to inspectors quickly and easily. From head office, send documents to your inspector's tablet in real time. Inspectors can also synchronize to head office to send immediate reports.

mining truck

Asset Tracking

Mobile inspection devices keep maintenance histories making it easier to track assets. This makes it easier to take corrective measures.

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COR & OSHA Forms

If you need to be COR and OSHA compliant, Field Eagle comes with these form templates ready to use.

Perform Proactive Preventive Maintenance

The adage, “prevention is better than the cure”, is one that makes a lot of sense. Every industry that involves working in a heavily mechanized environment requires a preventive maintenance program. As previously mentioned employee health and safety is a key criteria in better run companies around the world. A focus on proactive maintenance helps ensure that small problems are caught quickly before they become major issues.

Better safety management ensures that business leaders are able to track, understand and prevent incidents. Through the use of custom reports focused on safety performance, critical information is presented to the people able to make decision. Field eagle does this by equipping itself with features that proactively detect potential problems. Dashboards help highlight issues in a simple, clear, and effective manner.

Health and Safety Site engineer

Historic Data and Detailed Reporting

Employee Health and Safety is a serious risk that businesses need to track. These are “must do” tasks for management and it is important to ensure that corrective actions identified are resolved in a timely and effective manner.

Historic data is very important in inspection and fixing issues within a company. Inspection data is generally used in fixing problems. Historical data, however, can be used in the prevention of future problems. When it comes to Health and Safety this is especially important as it allows companies to be more proactive. Automated reporting ensures that inspections are conducted on time and to the required level.

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