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Field Eagle Simplifies Your Cooling Tower Inspections

Effective cooling tower inspections are critical to maintaining the efficiency and reliability of cooling systems across a range of industries, including power generation, manufacturing, and HVAC.

Cooling Tower Inspections

Routine inspections can detect potential issues, such as corrosion, fouling, or scaling, and potentially reduce long-term maintenance costs by identifying potential problems before they become major issues.  

Field Eagle offers specialized cooling tower inspection software that utilizes advanced technology to collect and curate accurate inspection data. Our team understands the unique challenges involved in cooling tower inspections, including accessibility, safety, and environmental considerations. By utilizing our cooling tower inspection software, you can ensure compliance with regulations and minimize the risk of accidents or downtime while optimizing safety protocols and industry standards. 

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Cooling Tower Inspections with Field Eagle
Field Eagle Cooling Tower Inspections

Field Eagle Cooling Tower Inspection Software Offers Ready-Made Crossflow and Counterflow Forms for HVAC Towers

Field Eagle makes crossflow and counter-crossflow inspection for cooling & HVAC towers easier by providing a comprehensive and efficient digital form. Here are the key ways Field Eagle can simplify your inspection process:

Mobile Data Collection

Field Eagle provides a mobile app that allows inspectors to perform inspections directly on their mobile devices. They can easily record data, take photos, add notes, and capture signatures using the app, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and data entry.

Customizable Forms

Field Eagle offers the ability to create customizable forms tailored specifically for cooling tower inspections. These forms can include predefined checklists, inspection tasks, maintenance tasks, and required data fields, ensuring inspection consistency and standardization.

Real-Time Synchonization

Field Eagle enables real-time synchronization between field inspectors and the central database, facilitating instant data transfer and eliminating delays in data entry and reporting for any inspection or preventive maintenance processes.

Automated Report Generation

Field Eagle automates the report generation process. The system can populate the reports with collected data, attach relevant photos and notes, and provide an overview of the inspection findings. This eliminates manual report creation and speeds up the reporting process.

Advanced Analytics & Decision Support

Field Eagle’s analytics capabilities can provide insights into historical inspection data, trends, and patterns. This information helps identify recurring issues, prioritize maintenance activities, and make data-driven decisions for optimizing cooling tower performance.

Task & Workflow Management

Field Eagle provides a centralized platform for managing and tracking the progress of inspections for cooling towers, ensuring timely completion and accountability. 

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