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Home, Property, & Short-Term Rental Inspection Software

Streamlined Rental Property Inspection Software for Apartments, Short-Term Rentals, and More!

Field Eagle can make your rental property inspection process faster and easier than ever before. Build routine checklists and forms for property inspection reports with ease to make certain check-in and check-out procedures are completed, and your units are ready for new tenants.

Make your Properties Move-In ready with Field Eagle's Rental Home Inspection Software

Field Eagle offers robust rental inspection software solutions to streamline property inspections and management processes, empowering businesses and home inspectors to maintain property standards.

For businesses managing commercial buildings, industrial properties, or rental homes, ensuring properties are move-in ready for new tenants is essential. However, the inspection process can be complex and time-consuming, especially for pen-and-paper inspections, potentially leading to oversights and additional efforts to satisfy tenants.

With Field Eagle’s home inspection reporting software, you can simplify and enhance your property management workflows. Our software enables you to create and maintain comprehensive reports and checklists tailored to your property’s needs. Gain insights into maintenance requirements, track recurring issues, and monitor cleaning and maintenance schedules across all your properties from a centralized platform. 

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Building Inspection Software

Buildings have many areas that need inspection – from reception areas to individual units to the pumps and pipes in the building, they all have to function and work at tip-top shape. 

Field Eagle building inspection software can help you maintain your building, and standardize their inspections by assigning checklists and forms to each of your Superintendents. With historical data available to you, maintenance can be scheduled more effectively.

Property Condition Assessment

Different properties have different needs for inspection. Our property inspection software allows you to build customizable forms to inspect each of your properties in their own way and assign each inspection to the person in charge.

With property inspection software, you can gather all the inspection information in one place, making routine inspections faster and much easier than ever before.

Short-Term Rental Inspections

It can be difficult to keep track when you have multiple short-term rental properties to manage, but Field Eagle rental property management software makes it easy.

Establishing standardized forms for cleaning and sanitizing between guest stays improves efficiency and ensures thorough home inspections of each property before the arrival of new guests.

If you have others managing your properties, you can assign checklists to them and see when they’re completed and sign off on them to help you keep control of maintenance costs and make sure that your properties receive the attention they need.

The most common problems associated with inspections are related to the roof (19.7%), electrical (18.7%), and windows (18.4%).
The average cost of a property issue detected during routine inspections is around $5,000, compared to a whopping $30,000 if the same issue is discovered after a catastrophic failure (Source: National Institute of Building Sciences).

Field Eagle also facilitates collaboration by allowing you to assign forms and inspections to inspectors within your organization. Ensure inspection checklists are completed accurately and efficiently, with the ability to review and sign off on inspections remotely.

Our property management software empowers you to focus on growing your business while maintaining the highest standards for your properties. Discover how Field Eagle can streamline your property management and inspection processes today”

Digital Inspection Checklist Software for Cleaning and Home Maid Services

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Ensure meticulous attention to detail in Maid and Home Cleaning Services with Field Eagle’s innovative cleaning inspection checklist software.

By implementing our solution, every cleaning step can be methodically followed and checked off, guaranteeing thoroughness and efficiency in your cleaning processes.

By creating routine checklists, your cleaners and property managers can systematically ensure that all required tasks are completed to the highest standards. Additionally, the historical data generated by Field Eagle enables you to track cleaning and maintenance activities over time, providing valuable insights into the upkeep of your properties.

86% of home inspections reveal something that needs to be fixed.

Field Eagle’s advanced features allow you to assign specific forms and checklists to different users, facilitating seamless coordination and accountability within your team. Easily monitor who completes each task and track the completion status of all forms, empowering you to maintain exceptional cleaning standards consistently.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Field Eagle’s house inspection software for Cleaning and Home Maid Services today.

Inspection Software for Real Estate Professionals & Property Inspectors

In the realm of high-stakes real estate transactions, precision reigns supreme. Each detail demands meticulous attention, and every property warrants thorough inspection to prevent potentially costly oversights.

Field Eagle’s rental property inspection software offers a robust solution to mitigate risks and ensure the utmost accuracy and completeness for housing and rental property inspections. Our software equips you with precise and comprehensive checklists, leaving no room for error and safeguarding against financial losses. Gain control over your documentation with Field Eagle, eliminating cumbersome paper trails.

All information is securely stored online, enabling seamless collaboration and swift decision-making. Contracts are effortlessly sent and signed, accelerating deal turnaround times.

Don’t leave your real estate ventures to chance—invest in Field Eagle’s Commercial Property Inspection Software to streamline inspection processes, minimize risks, and maximize success.

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88% of homebuyers use an inspector when finalizing a home purchase.
Digital Inspection Checklists for Commercial Real Estate

Field Eagle revolutionizes the landscape of Commercial Real Estate Inspections, enabling faster, more efficient, and simplified procedures. This Property Inspection Solutions software ensures clients are move-in ready promptly while guaranteeing the accuracy and completeness of all documentation and tasks.

Realtor Document Management

Irrespective of years of experience, meticulous attention to detail in document preparation and distribution remains paramount for Realtors. Field Eagle facilitates the seamless sharing of forms and ensures efficient document management and sign-offs, aiding in maintaining impeccable standards throughout the Real Estate transaction process.

Properties regularly maintained through inspections retain higher property values and are 87% less likely to endure major issues, according to the US Census Bureau.
Non-compliance penalties due to overlooked property issues account for approximately 45% of legal actions faced by property owners (IREM).

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