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Increase your Occupancy Rate and speed up Turnover Service on your STRs with Field Eagle Inspection Software

Transform your short-term rental turnovers across platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and more with Field Eagle—an advanced inspection software designed to streamline property management. Elevate guest satisfaction, boost occupancy rates, and ensure seamless turnovers for all your rental listings.

By creating detailed inspection forms and checklists, you can make certain that all maintenance and cleaning processes are completed properly and your properties are ready to be rented once more.

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Why is Field Eagle the best Short-term rental property inspection tool for Airbnb hosts?

Field Eagle, the optimal short-term rental property inspection tool, increases profitability and reduces expenses and complaints, leading to improved reviews, higher occupancy rates, and boosted Average Daily Rate (ADR).

Efficient Turnover Services to Boost Occupancy

Assign comprehensive rental home checklists to cleaning services or staff, guaranteeing adherence to your standards. Enable remote sign-offs for swift turnovers to improve guest satisfaction and reviews.

Increase Satisfaction and Reviews of your Destination Home

Implement standardized processes and inspections for positive guest reviews and a consistent, quality experience. This leads to increased guest willingness to pay higher rates for superior lodging experiences.

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Streamline Task Lists & Check In/Out Procedures

Field Eagle enables checklist assignments to guests, guiding them through tasks and Check-In/Out Procedures. It enables you to oversee completed tasks remotely and streamline guest documentation for efficient turnovers.

Increase your Average Daily Rate

With good reviews and a consistent and solid experience, your guests will easily agree to higher rates to get the satisfaction of lodging in your units.

Field Eagle’s Features for Short-Term Rentals

Remote Inspection Capabilities

Give your property managers inspection checklists to ensure that processes are carried out the way you want them to.

Tenant and Guest Rental Documentation

Field Eagle allows you to assign documents to your guests, have them sign and return them quickly and remotely from anywhere. Seamless document sharing and signing enable remote operations, ensuring efficient turnovers.

Historical Pricing Data

With historical inspection data you can draw a correlation between the seasons and maintenance – allowing you to adjust your dynamic pricing.

and more!

Why Choose Field Eagle for Short-Term Rentals and Property Management

Effortless Data Capture

Mobile-compatible templates ensure error-free data capture, reducing discrepancies and ensuring reliable documentation on your units.

Photo & Video Recording

Make disputes more transparent and dispute resolution easier to manage by having video and photo capabilities added to your inspection checklists.

Save Time & Money

Save time and resources with standardized inspections, leading to better outcomes and cost efficiencies.


Field Eagle can help you increase your STR reservations by helping you increase your turn around times and creating a reputation for fast and efficient check-in and check-out procedures, helping travellers choose your accommodations over others.

Field Eagle will help you create dedicated checklists that the services you use to clean your properties will follow and check off. Making the process faster and more standardized.

Field Eagle allows you to inspect and see any report on any of your properties at anytime. This allows you to see how the previous occupants left the space, and whether it is ready for the next occupant to arrive. 

Remote Inspection is the bread and butter of Field Eagle! By having an inspector follow the checklist you create and manage remotely on Field Eagle, you can immediately know the results of the inspection, ask for corrective action if needed, and even get photos and videos of any potential damage. From anywhere in the World.

With Field Eagle, you can get immediate inspection reports with accompanying video and photos to know ahead of time what disputes may come up, and how they may be resolved quickly. 

Get all these Features and More

Company Portal Features

People Management

Data Management

Instant Reporting

Unlimited Item Hierarchies

Client & Location Management

Asset Management

Geo Tagging

Client Portal

Forms & Checklists


Built-In Compliance


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Add Items on the Fly

Notes & Photos

RFID & Barcodes

Serious Defect Notifications

Compare Previous Reports

Inspection Sign-Off

Online/Offline Inspections


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We take your privacy seriously and will never share your information.

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We take your privacy seriously and will never share your information.

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We take your privacy seriously and will never share your information.