In a digital world, it’s hard to argue that digitization is not the trend everyone is following. Field Eagle is the solution to piles of unnecessary paperwork and filing. A physical depository dedicated to inspection forms and reports is no longer needed.

Online filing is eco-friendly and fast. It helps transform the team and its processes.

Remove the barriers between you and companies that have already gone digital and improve the accuracy of your reports and inspections.

Digital Inspection Forms & Checklists - Field Eagle

A Robust Tool to Create Inspection Forms

Inspection forms are the basis of a company’s structure. Field Eagle helps simplify everything from checklists to data upload. Edit forms on the go and resolve anything that sidetracks the inspection. Easily add all issues and notes to the form as you continue monitoring and updating.

With unlimited forms and hierarchies, Field Eagle can handle complex inspections; it can customize, assign, and review forms from the dashboard whether offline or in the middle of nowhere. Provide your field staff with guidance and training, decrease errors, and minimize fines and mishaps. Keep all work flowing and organized, all in one place.

Simplify and Automate Operations

Simplify and Automate Operations

Field Eagle generates reports in seconds. View, edit, and store any inspection you have on file, new or old. Track and manage company and client data (no matter how many assets) in one place. Simplify and automate your entire process with Field Eagle so that you can concentrate on the things that matter most: assets and clients.

Collecting the information you have and need is now as simple as it has ever been. No more sifting through folders or even rooms of reports and errors. Never again worry about being fined for forgetting or misplacing physical key data or inspection forms.

Removing the traditional paper/pencil means of gathering data provides the company with the security of fewer risks and higher accuracy. A light tablet and unlimited Field Eagle support with online filing are enough to simplify your operations.

Enhanced Data Capture

Data Capture

Field Eagle captures any information you need; from notes and images to barcodes, signatures, RFID tags, and serial numbers, we have it all.

Anything you require to have on hand is available and easily uploadable and accessible to your team.

Our inspection system works in two parts:

1. The tablet allows inspectors on site to carry out inspections and reports.

2. The Field Eagle server captures all your data and allows you to manage inspectors, clients, templates, reports, and more.

Decrease labor costs, error counts, and increase speed and agility to situations and emergencies in high risk industries.

Stay Mobile

Stay Mobile

Whether in the middle of the woods, on an oil rig at sea, or on top of a mountain, Field Eagle gives you access to all inspection forms without a network connection. Create and edit forms and collect any data necessary.

Take any tablet device into the field with you and feel secure that it will keep all your information safe. Send information out in real-time and synchronize with the server as soon as you are ready.

Field Eagle loads inspection updates without missing a beat and reduces your reporting from hours to seconds.

Inspectors carry no bulk and go into any terrain necessary without the worry of paper damage or lost files.

Field Eagle runs on Windows 10 (plus), iOS, and Android.

The Importance of an Inspection Checklist

Any standards companies require to comply with are easily achieved with a good inspection checklist. Never worry about compliance with Field Eagle.

This robust solution helps you create the perfect digital inspection checklist that not only takes care of your compliance, but reduces human error. Increase accuracy by making sure the latest standards are met with Field Eagle.

The checklist helps answer any questions and sets out directly against your industry’s standards, which helps inspectors identify non-compliance issues right away.

Digital Inspections and Checklists

As the industry sets, improves or updates standards, your inspection forms reflect that. Field Eagle helps you ensure that forms are always up to date and the industry standards remain met in two easy steps.

If a special inspection needs to be conducted, or additional inspection points need to be added to an asset, you can send updated forms right to the mobile device.

From the head office to the inspection tablet on-site, reports are updated in real-time. The device will always be kept up to date and synchronized with the server as needed, leaving clients worry-free over the accuracy of data collection and submission.

Digital Inspections and Checklists

Field Eagle has built-in compliance support for ISO, OHSAS, OSHA, COR, and many more. By adding regulatory bodies and standards into the Field Eagle system and connecting them to inspection forms, accuracy is ensured as pass/fail scenarios are attached to all questions. This means that you don’t have to worry about the little things.

Field Eagle allows your team to quickly identify and address whether or not your data is accurate and complies with regulatory standards.

The improvement of compliance with new automated tactics is the step forward for any company ready to settle into the digital age.

Digital Inspections and Checklists

With Field Eagle, you never have to worry about being out of internet service range or service dropping or lagging. Store data locally with any tablets.

Field Eagle’s offline functionality helps inspectors update any necessary changes once connectivity is established. Share data between the server and the tablet with ease and generate reports in seconds.

Drive work and other reports instantly. Share pending or due tasks with the team and identify and assign follow-ups. Digital inspections and checklists have never been easier and more agile to work with.

Digital Inspections and Checklists


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