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Easily Manage all Inspection and Asset Data

Field Eagle is the one place to manage all inspection and asset data. Send out inspectors, consolidate all data into seamless reports and analyze everything your business owns quickly and from any location.

Field Eagle is the ideal solution to manage all inspections and asset data. Easily track the performance of your assets and manage your day-to-day operations.

Organization of assets and the ease of inspections are two of the most commonly inquired about questions we get from you here at Field Eagle. We’ve made it our mission to help manage it all.

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The Benefits of a Robust Inspection Software

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Organize and track inspections and assets data with Field Eagle. Our software is highly versatile, allowing companies to manage and customize any data input into the Field Eagle system.

Remote access is an issue on-site for many companies. Remote locations, different systems and tablets as well as security issues slow you down and make the process clunky. Field Eagle removes these worries, letting companies concentrate on the immediate issues at hand, dealing with them quickly and proactively.

Field eagle allows managers to create reports and have them instantly accessible to their team and stakeholders. Managing team status, pass or fail points and any reports at all times is easy with Field Eagle. Whether it’s an Asset Condition Report, Punch List Report or Final Compliance Report, these are easy to use and available to satisfy business needs.

Field Eagle Modules


Document Management

Field Eagle takes document sharing, editing and accessing assets and reports to another level with a built-in secure encryption system. Simply input your assets, such as Documents, Standards, Regulatory Bodies, Question Categories, and Item Categories into the server and quickly create the templates for your inspections.

In the most remote location with no internet connection, reports and inspection forms will be saved and are kept secure until they can sync when back online and connected.

Never worry about dropped connection, reports and data lost or security breached. Collect data and report, analyze and forecast from anywhere, anytime.

Field Eagle’s software will run on any Windows 10 (plus), iOS or Android devices.

Your warranty information, receipts, records and any document related to your assets and inspections can be stored in Field Eagle in any form from Video to PDF, it’s there to access when you need it. Don’t ever worry about losing or mislabelling your assets ever again. You can tag, organize and easily locate anything you upload or any file that is shared with you in the Field Eagle platform.


Document Management

In any inspection, compliance with regulatory bodies is key.

Add any Regulatory Body to your document and list the Standards.

Field Eagle allows you to keep track of all standards and ensure compliance is up to date.

Create a seamless workflow that’s not only much more accurate than most but also incredibly efficient, easy to retrieve and to edit.


Question/Item Categories

Field Eagle introduces Item and Question Categories to make inspections more accurate and detailed.

Our platform allows for the creation of custom categories, inspection forms and checklists based on different sectors and needs.

Whatever asset needs to be categorized, Field Eagle helps organize each point being worked on to further narrow down and speed up the inspection.

Managers have the ability to address and reply to questions within reports with Field Eagle’s Question Categories. This makes solving issues and asset points easy and quick, saving time and redefining report engagement.


Inspection Templates

Create a highly customizable template for an inspection. Whether it’s one or multiple designs with alterations needed for a complex inspection, you can do it all with Field Eagle.

Custom reports reflecting your needs for analytics and accuracy will take no time at all to complete and send.

Field Eagle allows you to create unlimited templates with unlimited numbers of hierarchies to take on any asset, no matter how complex or how minute the detail. You’ll feel at ease knowing that your inspection will go smoothly and that each item will be properly recorded, segregated, filed and exported for reports and analysis.

It’s never been simpler for companies that have large needs and demand accuracy and meticulous inspection management.

A Centralized System

Field Eagle recognizes that companies need and benefit from streamlined data collection and management.

Field Eagle is a centralized system of operations, allowing inspection data to be smooth and customizable like never before. Removing paper document filing eases organization and speeds up processing. Field Eagle sets up quick data transfers and uploads, information sharing, regulation effectiveness and reporting ease, all in one place.

Field Eagle reduces costs and provides insight into your company’s most valuable assets and protects them. With Field Eagle, you gain 360 visibility and you are provided with high quality and accurate inspection data, allowing you to always stay on top of all your needs.

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