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Compliance Made Easy with Field Eagle

Create an on-demand database of all inspections and their compliance. Automatically reduce the corporation's risk of liability while proactively identifying potential problems for the business and its assets; address problems on the go.

Standards Compliance done through Field Eagle eases the stress of properly implementing rules and industry laws in real-time. 

With pressure over accountability and increasing numbers of regulations, companies are constantly under the microscope. Dealing with discrepancies and addressing them quickly is key. Digital Compliance has incredible influence across markets with potential fines. Managing your data and meeting requirements is more important now than ever.

Field Eagle supports digital compliance for ISO, OHSAS, OSHA, COR, ESHQ, and other regulations.

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Digitize your Legacy Processes

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Field Eagle creates forms and checklists, and streamlines inspections. The software is built to aid administrators manage inspectors, clients, assets, inspection templates, and reports. Inspectors use this robust tool to carry out inspections and generate reports quickly and easily. This increases reporting accuracy and efficiency in the field.

Inspections in construction, miningoil and gasheavy equipmenttransportationutilities and so many more are to be carried out by contractual responsibility. Easier inspection and data processing means clearer and more precise reporting accuracy that follows industry standards.

Answer any error or mishap in an agile, decisive manner. With Field Eagle, minimize damage, and improve your legacy operations effortlessly. Visibility into the inspection process is a value that Field Eagle is proud to provide.

Regulate your Standards


Streamline Compliance Management

Success depends on how a company prepares for, manages, controls, and leads work that complies within the laws and standards of the industry.

The fewer issues with compliance and reports, the less likely a company is to face penalties, regulatory fines, and lose the confidence of their clients.

Field Eagle provides clients with customizable checklists and reports to drive compliance, such as Condition Reporting, Punch List Reports, detailing deficiencies and Final Compliance Reports allow for the filing of the status of an asset.

Field Eagle allows you to view which items are most important to deal with and which minimize the cost of mistakes for your company. Send and submit critical information and errors quickly and seamlessly.

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Keep on Top of Changing Regulations

Regulations are constantly updated and changed. The risk of missing something critical is high.

Field Eagle allows the company to be always on top of leading industry protocol. Top accuracy and constant checks and updates between the server and the tablet are possible with Field Eagle.

Whether the expectation is to meet local, national or international governing standards, Field Eagle simplifies and ensures that all legally required inspections are fulfilled and met.

You deserve to manage and run your company without worrying about the hundreds of laws and regulations constantly in flux. Field Eagle prioritizes regulatory changes by allowing you to maintain your database of inspections and their compliance.

Don’t spend time and resources worrying about missing something vital in a report.


Automate your Inspection Audits

Verification of legal compliance is essential. With automation powered by Field Eagle, industry standards are always updated with no risk of data loss in your reports.

Allow Field Eagle’s list of checks to guide the audit process so you can be sure the list improves processes against legal standards.

All industry standards are compatible with the Field Eagle platform. Your company can identify trends and opportunities for improvement quickly with this turnkey solution.

Field Eagle provides real-time data and allows for staff to access. Monitor, engage with and measure important information in seconds from any place at any time. Automate Inspection Audits and make them instantly accessible to everyone necessary.

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We take your privacy seriously and will never share your information.