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How Inspection and Asset Management Software Helps Heavy Equipment Industries

heavy equipment maintenance and asset management

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In industries that use heavy equipment, like construction and manufacturing, keeping that equipment working well is essential. That’s where inspection and asset management software come in. Let’s see how these tools make it easier to maintain your heavy equipment, and ensure growth for your business.

Understanding Inspection and Asset Management Software

Think of inspection and asset management software as helpers for heavy equipment. They keep track of the machines, help with maintenance, and organize important info. Instead of doing everything by hand, this software makes things simpler and faster.

Advantages of Inspection and Asset Management Software

Better Equipment Care

Inspection software gives you fast access to the health of your equipment. It allows for regular maintenance and proactive repairs.

Simpler Equipment Tracking

Keeping track of equipment can be difficult. Asset management software makes it easier by putting all the info about the machines in one place. From the date of purchase, maintenance history, and current location, this information is centralized and ready to be used.

Using Equipment Effectively

Knowing which heavy equipment is ready for use is imperative. Asset management software allows you to track the use data of your equipment, and help with deployment. Spreading your use of equipment equally leads to greater efficiencies and lower maintenance costs, as well as protecting your investments in equipment.

Industry Compliance

The rules surrounding Heavy Equipment are multi-layered and can be complex to follow. Inspection software allows you to be compliant with those rules, while maintaining the speed of inspections.

Using Data to Increase Revenue

The data collected by Inspection and Asset Management software is invaluable to a business. This data allows for faster inspections, and an overall better overview of the equipment that is being used in the Field. Utilizing that data, you can make better predictions on budget, and maintenance schedules for the following year.

heavy equipment maintenance and asset management

What to Consider When Choosing Inspection and Asset Management Software

Easy to Use

The software should be easy for everyone to understand and use, so no one gets stuck trying to figure it out. Software should work for you, and not have you stumped on how it works.


Every business has different requirements. Choose software that can change to fit what the business needs.


Inspection Software should be able to plug in to your existing workflow, rather than it being a thorn on your side.


At Field Eagle, we know all about field work, and how staying mobile and staying agile is the key to success.


When dealing with Heavy Equipment, delays can be extremely costly. Inspection software can help you maintain that equipment by highlighting common causes of failure, and what equipment is starting to cost more in maintenance, and should be replaced.

Additionally, Asset Management Software will help you track this equipment, insuring you get a proper return on your investment.

If you’re ready to see how Field Eagle can help you, then contact us Today!

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