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Inspections should Flow as Pipelines do

inspections are like pipelines

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With oil pipelines on everyone’s mind as the news of the Colonial Pipeline comes to an end, it is prime time to tackle the topic of pipeline inspections. Technology such as gas and oil pipelines is susceptible to damage and missed parts during inspections, especially during seasonal weather changes and in long pipelines. What is the most efficient way to deal with information coming in after an inspection? Proper inspection processes in place are vital when dealing with relatively delicate materials in order to prevent easily avoided problems.

Regular Inspections keep the Oil flowing

For most pipeline inspections, the PIGs machines running through the pipes themselves are the main source of information around pipe thinning and brittleness. Functioning in temperature extremes, these machines are incredibly complex and their maintenance is of utmost importance.

Corrosion, temperatures, and exterior influences such as work around the pipes or purposeful damage are all examples of outside sources of issues. A small scratch on the surface of a pipe can become a bigger problem as outside factors compromise the structure and stability of the pipe itself.

Inspections to pipes are often long processes, with people travelling huge distances (often across state lines) and in all terrains, safety and reliability are key; this is especially important when doing repair work and documenting pipes.

A system like Field Eagle is created with moving parts in mind. Downloading information right into files is easy and can be immediately read by an inspection manager. Uploading information into the system from the most remote locations is easy. Keeping information and inspection data secure until it can be downloaded and shared is now simple. The Field Eagle software system is secure, reliable and immediate.

Inspect more than just the big Hardware

While most of the attention goes to facilitating healthy pipelines and big hardware, ensuring the upkeep and security of other hardware and software is just as important. Anything that has a hand in running the facilities responsible for the preservation and organization of safety and regulation checks. Needs to be given the same amount of care and resources.

It is important to extend the inspection process to the computers, software and hardware and ensure they are outfitted with up-to-date information and are encrypted. Protecting information by encryption has always been a hot topic in IT. Security boundaries are always being pushed; we’ve seen with the current Colonial pipeline security breach.

IT professionals aiding in the security and reliability of the information being shared are a standard to success. These team members can help in setting up checklists for inspectors and work with the newest and best in encryption technologies, ensuring a secure system without the fear of information loss.

Keep Critical Operations Running

Operational safety and compliance are key features in a volatile market at risk of security issues. Operation running is more than just keeping pipelines from breaking down. As we’ve mentioned before, the information being shared about such a key feature is just as important.

A pipeline is the source of fuel, jobs, and fuels multitudes of businesses. Risking its security is risking jobs and entire work sectors. The consequences of breaking the smooth running of operations are far-reaching and often serious.

Keeping teams well informed and safe is vital. Software that can effectively streamline communication and information sharing is priceless to security and safety as the team works to fix or prevent damage to hardware in the field and on-site.

Minimizing error with paperless sharing not only minimizes the risk of paperwork going missing or being done incorrectly but allows for the proper information to be pushed down the proper channels as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Speeding up processes to deal with emergencies and issues means that labour will be completed much quicker, minimizing breakdown risk and maximizing safety and data accuracy.

Field Eagle can Help

Field Eagle simplifies and streamlines Oil and Gas inspection proceses. Our tools are made with you in mind, perfectly prepared to be used for the Oil and Gas industry. The tools available ensure timely inspections that save money, ensure a safe and secure process, and allow for immediate communication between team members and inspection managers.

Field Eagle software allows you to be completely compliant, which means employee safety, inspection security, and your COR certification intact. No lost productivity, worker retraining, property damage, or incident investigation. The oil and gas industry is always changing, and field Eagle is Equipped to change along with it. Create punch list reports the instant a problem is reported and pass them along to the proper channels. Preventative maintenance and early detection are simple and immediate.

Mobile site inspections replace paper and unnecessary bulk in the processes needed to ensure compliance. Paperless means faster, more accurate and green. It also means you’ll be saving time and money from inspection start to completion. Easily spot non-compliance issues and fix mistakes quickly. You can configure Field Eagle to have your compliance standards set, allowing you to measure externally as well as internally. Comparing past inspections and working off information you already have will cut down on time and save resources and employee work hours.

If you want to see how Field Eagle can keep your oil flowing, fill out the form below or click here or register for our 15-Day Free Trial.

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