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The Role of Software in Inspection and Audit Process Transformation

role of software in inspection and audit process transformation

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The information age has led to a massive increase in data generation and collection. The data is rapidly digitized, stored and analyzed using advanced and sophisticated software.

Faster, reliable and refined hardware has come into existence for robust data analysis. Next-generation technology with deeper pools of data provides companies with more control over information and data. In addition, companies are now able to analyze data in ways that were not possible previously.

Technological advancement presents a compelling case to integrate these state-of-the-art technologies into the inspection and auditing process. Companies are making significant investments to ensure the reliability and quality of software. This software provides greater insights. Insights which management and auditors can utilize to make better and smarter decisions.

Software like Field Eagle further enhances the overall inspection and auditing process. Field Eagle has a strong commitment to quality that starts from the top. The software has the ability to execute high-quality audits independently. It serves public interests by supporting oprations and maintenance team’s confidence and promoting transparency.

Easily Identify and Understand Key Reports

Field Eagle design incorporates international auditing and assurance standards. It can be customized to improve report quality and increase transparency.

Instead of issuing simple quantitative information only, Field Eagle offers more. Both quantitative and qualitative reports are available to enhance the audit report quality.

It provides an online dashboard that allows data to be shared in real time. This information is available to:

  • Audit committee members,
  • Preparers,
  • Auditors,
  • Maintenance Management
  • Regulators, and
  • Investors.

This improves the analysis of qualitative audit reports.

In addition, Field Eagle stimulates better governance and improves audit implementation standards via sensible and smart regulation. Field Eagle audit reports make it possible for management to identify problematic areas. Instead of using sample data to generate results, the software uses richer and deeper pools of data to generate reliable reports.

Field Eagle complies with the highest standard of reports while keeping them simple, easy to understand and efficient.

Advanced Focus on Accuracy

Maintenance team, Investors, lenders, tax authorities and management rely on accurate data to make important organizational decisions. A robust and efficient audit system is imperative to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Field Eagle has a focus on efficiency and accuracy. Regular audits and inspections help provide better insight into management in decision making. By providing simple, clear and detailed reports, weaknesses are easily identified. In addition, this data helps increase reliability and security.

Instead of using traditional methods to gather data, Field Eagle incorporates modern technology. This includes bar code readers and other features.

It also offers the facility of thorough record keeping and accounting details. This leads to the improvement of the company’s current and future operations. Accurate data allows companies to serve their clients in a more organized, effective and efficient manner.

Real-Time Reporting

The digital age requires faster, yet reliable data collection. Companies are looking for effective alternatives to collect data. Field Eagle provides its’ clients with the perfect data collection alternative. The software incorporates features that allow field inspectors to collect and transmit data. This information is shared in real time allowing office personnel simultaneous access.

Instead of using pen and paper to write down information which can be misinterpreted. Field inspection officers collect information using tablets. They have to fill in simple templates instead of making notes.

The multiple choice question & answer increase the reliability of the data. The data analysis is done within minutes instead of days. Instead of a generalized reporting format, Field Eagle offers different types of reports. For instance, the asset condition reports display the condition of your equipment over a certain period.

You can generate reports based on clients, locations and assets. Likewise, you have punch list reports for asset compliance and final compliance reports for a detailed report with a cover page.

Customizable Forms and Templates

Every business operates differently. Generalized software will not provide accurate and reliable data. Field Eagle offers its client the functionality to develop forms and templates that match the unique needs of their business. The main objective is these customizable templates and forms are to gather accurate and reliable data.

Field Eagle software comprises of two main parts, the server part, and the mobile app. The server part has the administrative rights, that can generate new forms and templates to meet the unique needs of your business.

The server management can add drop-down menus, checklists, multiple questions to templates or forms. To ensure further customization, Field Eagle allows editing of these templates and forms at the other end.

In cases where additional customization is needed, those capabilities can also be provided.

Data Centralization

Field Eagle provides a centralized hub for all your inspection data and reports. It brings together different audits and the respective data. Field Eagle also validates the accuracy of the organization’s audit data by allowing intuitive quality checks.

This ensures data integration across the organizations and saves time that an organization has to spend on data mining. Efficient and effective data mining generates faster and reliable results.

Field Eagle works collectively with other aspects of the company to generate concise and accurate documentation. It proactively reduces future issues. In addition, it allows the clients to know the key targets of their organization. Lastly, Field Eagle efficiently distributes reports and data across the organization.


There is no doubt that the audit profession is gradually retooling itself to meet the demands of the IT age. After decades of relying on sample data, you can now analyze data as a whole.

The manual methods are now unable to meet the expectations of the IT age. It is time for companies to adopt smart technologies such as Field Eagle.

Field Eagle promises high-quality audit and it is continuously focused on improvements. It reduces the duplication of efforts. Auditors no longer need to visit the site, gather information and then come back to the office to analyze it. Field Eagle allows them to transfer data in real time.

Also, it reduces the human error element by using bar code scanning technology, checklists, drop-down menus and much more. Field Eagle commits to delivering only the best.

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