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Inspection Software Apps for Android

inspection software apps for android

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Companies involved in manufacturing and heavy industries need an Android solution for the field. These organizations have equipment and staff working in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Sending field inspectors and auditors onsite is essential. Not only does this ensure the company is in conformance with laws and regulations, but it also makes financial sense.

Extending the life of equipment through regular inspection and maintenance by using Android inspection software applications ensures the best ROI possible. So why Android? Android’s open platform has the capacity to reach various industries through many devices, which can result in building strong businesses.

Going Mobile Using Android Technology

Quality Android software can easily solve an equation as an inspection solution. Inspectors and auditors cannot afford to continually visit high-risk sites without being properly equipped. Having a solution that is prone to error through mistakes in data entry can impact lives and dollars.

Field inspection software using Android technology is built to automate simple tasks. With mandatory fields, it ensures that inspectors check everything that needs to be reviewed.

In addition, built-in data capabilities ensure that data doesn’t just stay in the field. Information is transmitted back to the head office for further review regularly. This is where mobile and Android come into the picture.

Field inspection software works on Android tablets and smartphones. More and more high-risk industries are using Android systems to carry out their inspection processes. It’s important to keep in mind that the right solution also depends on the items being inspected and audited. Based on the questions being asked, the larger screen real-estate of an Android tablet might simply make more sense.

In either case, the key point is having a way to track and share information. In this regard, field inspection software through Android technology is critical.


A good Android solution needs to offer several different features if it is going to be of use in the field:

  • Online and Offline Use – ideally the hardware should connect in real-time with the server located in the head office. This ensures that inspection records are shared with other inspectors and managers regularly. However, in some cases, access is not possible based on location. If that is the case, the hardware needs to have the capability of storing information locally.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Adherence – laws change regularly, whether that is from country to country, state to state, or simply over time. The right solution needs to offer management the capability of updating inspection sheets and items on the fly with inspection management modules. While retraining of the inspectors might be required based on new rules, they should not have to waste time having their systems reprogrammed.
  • Ability to Store Photos and Videos – in many cases, pictures are an absolute must. This could be to demonstrate a failure or even simply point out an issue for the future. The photos should allow inspectors to annotate them to highlight specific issues.
  • RFID and Barcodes – to save time, systems need to be in a place where specific pieces of equipment are appropriately identified. This is where barcodes and RFID tags come into play. Your hardware needs to be able to scan these tags and quickly identify the item scanned. It should also suggest the appropriate inspection record based on the item type.
  • Trends, Past Inspections and Re-Inspections – the hardware needs to help find trends in failure. Using machine learning and AI, it should source knowledge based on other inspections. Similarly, past inspection records need to be readily available. This will help the inspector determine if a fault found previously had been addressed. In the same vein, future inspections should have specific items for re-inspection highlighted.


  • Smarter Decision Making – having the right data helps in the decision-making process. By conducting regular inspections and sourcing information from multiple sites, inspectors are well placed to identify trends.
  • Real-time Data Reporting – always connected Android solutions let managers and senior auditors review results in real-time. Aside from the safety benefits, companies can also use this to help them plan out future audits. Sharing of information across sites is also simplified which is a further benefit.
  • Inventory Control Systems – having a single tool that tells you the location of your equipment is important. Having the same tool that tells you the condition of that equipment is priceless! A good inspection system offers this capability.
  • Paperless Capabilities – the truly paperless office might still be a pipe dream, but field inspectors need a paperless solution. Often located in remote and hostile conditions, they need to have an Android system that simplifies their record keeping.
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Field Eagle is an award-winning application that is available directly from the Google Play store. The Field Eagle solution is built with inspectors in mind. It offers a full suite of features such as inspection management and preventative maintenance to ensure that inspectors are able to complete their job quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, it allows them to do so safely.

Offering direct client-server capabilities, the Field Eagle solution provides real-time communication between the site and the head office. This lets managers know and understand the issues in the field. Offering data analytics and trend reporting across sites, leaders can plan corrective measures quickly.

Field Eagle is the best solution available. Ideally designed for high-risk industries, its features simplifies and automates inspection processes using Android platforms. With compliance templates, built-in, Field Eagle offers an easy way to personalize and change fields on the fly. Using Field Eagle is the best way to ensure that you are in compliance with regularly changing regulations.

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