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How to Use Technology to Train More Effectively

use technology to train more effectively

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Training employees is necessary and beneficial to the success of a company, but can be a financial burden. This is due to the cost of training and the time it takes to bring a new employee up to date on company software, procedures and more. Nowadays, technology helps solve that problem because they have been creating efficient tactics in human resources and employee training in the last couple of years. Now, technology can help your company streamline the employee training process. Here are several of the ways to use technology to make training more effective and efficient.

Interactive Training Materials

In the past, employee training consisted of an instructor teaching a room full of employees, but now, with the advent of technology, that all changed. Technology can enable employers to take advantage of interactive training materials. These will help assess the skills of a new employee and adjust the training material to match their level of understanding. Also, other tools like training guides can be turned into interactive e-books, where specific education components can be included to further expand on the chosen topics.

Internal Wiki

Building an internal knowledge base is a good way for companies to have a consistent source of company information. Internal wikis are user-generated, which means the employees can input information themselves for their co-workers to use. This is great in industries where the legislation changes often and employees need to stay up to date on the current laws and regulations.

Interactive Gaming

Gaming is increasing in popularity over the last view years due to stunning graphics and captivating storylines. Now they can actually be used in a variety of industries from education to insurance because of its ability to help companies improve the absorption of new information while keeping them engaged. Using interactive gaming can improve employee training by creating a competitive environment which can help keep employees engaged and focused on the information they need to perform their jobs. Also, interactive gaming is immersive, making employees absorb new concepts and information better than just reading about it in an instruction manual.

Just in Time Training

With mobile devices, people are plugged in 24/7 to the Internet. This makes the idea of “just in time” or “on the go” training useful to employees who need instruction immediately when they need it. It saves them the inconvenience of having to wait for assistance. This type of training takes advantage of the nature of connected mobile devices, this connecting an employer to a live trainer through software on their computer or app on their phone.

Company Social Platforms

It is common to hear that many business ban social networking access (Facebook, Twitter etc.) on company computers. However, the idea behind social platforms can make sense for employee training purposes. Having an internal social network can allow employees from various departments to collaborate through instant messaging software, get feedback and input through company forums and more! This type of constant connectivity can make it easier for new employees to ask their colleagues to fill gaps in their training.

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