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Digitizing the Inspection Process for Speed, Accuracy & Cost Cutting

digitizing the inspection process

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Pen and Paper are just too Slow and Inefficient

It’s no secret that we’re quickly stepping into a world that is paperless. The phasing out of paper-heavy organizational techniques have been implemented for efficiency and order as well as speed, yet the transition has been a slower one in inspections and larger companies who could afford to not cut costs and felt safe in doing things as they have always been done. With the wave of digitization brought on by COVID-19 safety measures, going paperless has been proven to not only be a matter of convenience but safety as well.

It is hard to argue for an organizational method that involves writing down information by hand, travelling to an office to file it or transition the data, and then filing the paper away. Inspections need to be efficient and mistakes can cost companies millions in losses. Not only is human error inevitable, the risk of handwriting misunderstandings, lost work and even something as simple as a sheet of work getting accidentally wet are all perfectly plausible accidents that may affect information flow, but are ultimately unacceptable in an inspection setting.

For large companies competing in a market filled with fast and agile startups, any competitive edge can mean success. Especially in the fields of oil and gas, these small changes can have tremendous positive outputs. An inspection process that is error free, quickly shareable and available instantaneously to anyone who needs to see it, make edits or give additional data is priceless.

Complete Inspections faster by Digitizing the Inspection Process

Preventative maintenance will always win out over damage control. This rule is no different in the field of inspections. Digitizing each step of the process is the only way to ensure any critical information will be available to all parties that need it as soon as it’s in the system.

Oil and Gas companies struggle with major challenges like operational safety, regulatory compliance, market volatility, environment, financial and employee risks. A process that not only greatly diminishes all these pain points, but allows for quicker turnaround times and removes a big chunk of the expense is a win.

Digitizing the inspection process is about speed. Allowing an inspector to complete multiple tasks, carry less, and move on quickly to the next one without loss of quality is the key highlight in the decision process to switch to digital inspections that many clients are making. In a corporate field, time is money, and streamlining an inspection that used to take weeks into a few days if not a day is a choice that doesn’t need much thinking about. An inspection can be carried out from one tablet in the remotest location, and then sent instantaneously to a team to be edited, updated or processed, saving critical time and the amount of touchpoints and people needed to complete the process.

Digitizing the Inspection Process helps with Report Accuracy

Speed and cost cutting are not the only upsides to digitizing the inspection process. Repost accuracy is the main reason many are making the switch. Worker safety and potential for lawsuits is the main problem companies want to avoid, and the reason inspections happen in the first place.

FieldEagles’ custom reporting tools ensure that any element of a report created can be fact checked, changed, uploaded, confirmed, and transferred to head office. Not only does it allow for additional notes and quicker resolving of errors, the inspection forms will never be out of date. With mobile solutions, standards are predefined and checked for accuracy. This allows for the inspector to easily identify non-compliance issues and instantly reduce human error and check accuracy in the files.

FieldEagle can be configured to pre-set any compliance standards and change them whenever needed, so that measures can be compared internally and externally. Compare the history of older inspections against new ones in real time for any changes, errors, new protocols and anything else necessary.

Digitizing the Inspection Process will lead to greater Profitability

Saving money by digitizing doesn’t just happen because of the speed the reports are completed in. Staff time spent on tasks is a huge time saver for corporations. Inspectors can complete more projects in a day and do it in a safer manner, and any staff processing or checking the information can do it with less errors. This in turn removes the problem of redoing work and lawsuits or fines needed to be paid out due to compliance standard problems. The data from any report is instantly accessible in the dashboard. You will never have to dig through a filing cabinet in one province to submit information to someone waiting in another.

All this leads to time saved for any company using a digital means of inspection. Cost saving measures allowing corporations to bid more aggressively and make higher profits.

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The Bottom Line is Cost Cutting

Profitability is on every company’s agenda, but in increasingly digitizing times, health and profit go hand in hand with success. The Field Eagle inspection system is twofold. One is the FE Server, where an administrator manages inspectors, clients, assets, inspection templates, and reports. Secondly, we have the FE Tablet, which inspectors use to carry out checks and generate reports.

Our mission at FieldEagle is one of making inspections easy. We build both turnkey solutions and custom applications for the inspection of equipment. With Field Eagle, our customers can supervise and explore the performance of their assets from the comfort of their desktops.

If you’d like to see how much faster and easier FieldEagle can make your Inspection process, click here to start your Free Trial today!

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