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  • Published: 3/3/2018 3:41:31 PM

Health and Safety are big and only getting bigger and more complex as time goes on.  It can seem as if every other day there’s more paperwork, more regulation, and more details to fill out and file.   Although a Health and Safety program is a necessary component to every workplace and helps to protect everyone both in the office and the field, it can certainly make for an intense learning curve for the staff that is involved.

Making this job far easier to navigate and to execute consistently is a software management program.  A Software Management approach means that no matter who is carrying out procedures, by following the program, the staff is taking the same steps each and every time, providing consistent results with fewer mistakes.  Health and Safety Management Software helps reduce the risk for your company and helps to ensure that everyone is complying with the laws.


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Here are some of the 8 best ways that Health and Safety management software can improve your business:


  1. Consistency:

    When collecting data and then filing it, you need to be absolutely consistent each and every time.  Health and Safety Management Software helps with accuracy, and when the same tasks are repeated in this way, helps staff to follow the procedure without forgetting key pieces of information.  With EHS software you have the ability to look back into data from past experiences to help provide information for future, similar scenarios.
  2. Efficiency:

    Streamline your reports by tracking and storing all of your pertinent information in one easy to access area.
  3. Use the software remotely:

    When necessary, mobile applications are a great way to report information when you don’t have access to your office.  The information from your phone can be synced with that of the office database.

  4. Streamline your data:

    Using standardized forms – both online and offline will help staff and management to collect any pertinent information depending on the incident.  The forms can be adjusted to fit your particular needs, without foregoing any information required to comply with new standards and regulations.

  5. Compliance: 

    One of the greatest concerns in any Health and Safety program is keeping compliant; especially if your staff isn’t up to date with new procedures. Health and Safety Software programs can help inform and update staff with the advent of new regulations so that your business operates inside of the law.

  6. Improved Employee Confidence:

    When employees know that Health and Safety is a priority within your business, morale inevitably goes up.  Your staff and contractors want to know that their well-being is an important aspect of the running of day to day operations.

  7. Save Money:

    By keeping updated on regulations, staying on the good side of the law and providing a consistent and reliable database of information should it be required during the course of an incident, your business is less likely to suffer from penalties or other legal consequences.

  8. Increased Customer Trust: 

    Word gets around about businesses that take care of their employees; when you take your employee’s health and safety seriously, the general public gets a positive feeling about your ethical standards and company morals.

It has been well established that technology is touching our lives and businesses in all-new ways. The digital disruption is bringing the new and improved ways of performing the complex and time taking task. Inspired by the same sense of simplicity and convenience, Konverge has introduced Field Eagle an asset management software to make complex inspection and audit process simple and user-friendly. If you would like to learn more about Field Eagle Health and Safety Management Software, Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. Contact us or call us at +1-416-640-2345.

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