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Why Pen and Paper are Being Replaced with Software

pen and paper are being replaced with software

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With the rise in technology and the advancement in handheld smartphones, it should come as no surprise that the use of pen and paper is diminishing. After all, why use pen and paper when you can type everything up on a tablet?

The same process applies to software. In businesses, pen and paper are slowly being phased out in lieu of computing software. While it can be satisfying to put pen to paper, there are a lot of clear advantages of using software instead.

Here are some reasons as to why pen and paper are being replaced with software.

Time Efficient

For most businesses, when they are doing any sort of data appraisals by pen and paper, there is usually a lengthy process to follow. The data gets sent manually up through a chain of corporate ladders until it reaches a processing centre and gets uploaded. More often than not, this process never goes smoothly, there is always some sort of delay along the way. By using software to input data, the data immediately gets streamlined and is quickly accessed by whomever that needs to access it. All in all, this saves a lot of time.

Increased Accuracy

One of the biggest misfortunes about pen and paper is readability. There are times when a person’s handwriting cannot be read, or the ink has smudged part of a word. This lies in human error, and can lead to storing away inaccurate or misinformed data. With software, there is less chance of human error – everything is typed and any numbers or data should be calculated or read correctly. This increases the accuracy of anything being inputted in the software.


The fickle thing about pen and paper is that these items can easily get lost somewhere. Especially the paper, which can end up being ripped or thrown away by accident. When papers get transferred to a new holding place there is always a chance that a folder or two might get misplaced. With software, all the documentation is in one place (and appropriately backed up should anything happen). This is especially useful in businesses when someone needs to pull up an old case file of some sort – they could just go to the document in the software device. There is more security and permanence with using software.

Ecologically Efficient

This point is rather obvious, but the massive usage of pen and paper worldwide is detrimental to the environment. Using software over pen and paper saves a significant amount of paper being used in day to day activities. With software, all notes will be electronically filed away and can be searchable at the click of a button (a feature that pen and paper lacks).

In addition to these reasons, it can be admitted that using software over pen and paper is more organized. As opposed to files upon files of paper being shoved in filing cabinets, all of the documentation is in one place on the tablet, saving up a considerable amount of physical space.

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