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What Health and Safety Software Can Do for your Company

advantages of health and safety software

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Health and Safety Inspection software is essential for businesses looking for an edge. In today’s business world, many products are nothing more than commodities. Also with increased global commerce, businesses are no longer simply competing locally. Now, competition could occur from almost anywhere.

Companies that want to succeed in this world need to focus on a couple of key areas. Standard business practices would look for improvements and efficiencies. However, efficiency gains are only half the battle. Companies need to also look after their most valuable assets – their employees and staff.

This is especially true in high-risk and legacy industries such as Heavy Machinery, Oil and Gas and Construction. These industries all encompass risk that is not seen in normal white-collar desk jobs. Having the right safety inspection software in place is critical for these businesses. Not only will it make a significant difference in the way they operate, but it will also directly affect the way they treat employees.

Recommended Practices for Health and Safety in the Workplace

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, there are various reasons for its importance. Safety management software can help ensure that companies are in compliance. However, the software itself is not enough, there needs to be buy-in from senior leaders and employees on its worth.

Added to this is how the technology itself works. Health and Safety Inspection software that is confined to desktops and offices is not suitable for current working environments. Safety management software needs to offer mobile options to be useful.

Prevent Workplace Injuries

Safety inspection software has a direct impact on the prevention of injuries. Field inspection software is used to ensure that company equipment functions to specifications. Inspectors need to have the capability of sharing information from site to site. This ensures that issues found on one site are addressed across a company’s footprint.

Improve Compliance

Government rules and regulations change frequently. Often these rules are based around new compliance laws that are based on improving safety. Companies are generally focused on their own sector or vertical. Issues that arise in other sectors are often unknown to them, even if those issues impact their operations.

Safety management software needs to incorporate these changing regulations quickly and easily. Inspectors in the field should always be using the most up to date regulations. Failure to do so could lead to future harm for their business and possibly the environment.

Engage Workers

Safety in the workplace cannot be a top-down initiative alone. Employees and workers need to be part of the process. This can be through the identification of defects or even changes in procedures.

Modern companies know that just because something has been done a certain way in the past, does not mean it is the only way or the best way. Health and safety inspection software can be used to share these lessons from site to site, quickly and effectively.

Increase Productivity

Having the right safety inspection software in place is critical for productivity. Companies cannot afford to be without key equipment or employees. By ensuring equipment is functioning normally, employee safety is ensured.

Enhance Business Operations

Safety has an impact on overall business operations. Companies that embrace a safety-first culture understand the benefits of improved efficiencies. These businesses realize that operations are improved by focusing on the prevention of illness and injury.

Engineering holds white safety hats and electric pole background

The Value of a Safe Workplace

Companies are looking for ways to be better. Improved safety has a direct impact on hiring including the quality of the hires. Added to this is the retention benefits of safe operation. When employees feel valued and safe, they also demonstrate greater company loyalty.

However, safety is not just a matter of subjective analysis. Stressors in the workplace impacts businesses globally. This stress can be caused by a variety of factors, but safety is one of the prevalent reasons.

Many businesses believe that solving this situation is too costly. In reality, not taking action can significantly impact a business’s bottom line.

Companies that help their employees avoid this can save thousands if not millions annually. Addressing health and safety issues promptly can improve culture and reduce compensation costs. Added to the human cost is the impact on the business itself due to employee morale and productivity.

Field Eagle Inspection Software

When searching for the right health and safety inspection software, Field Eagle needs to be at the top of your list. Field Eagle is a robust inspection package. Built to be run on tablets and computers, it gives field inspectors all of the tools they need. With the capability to dynamically update inspection templates based on changing rules and regulations, Field Eagle ensures your sites are always in compliance.

A significant advantage of a mobile solution like Field Eagle is its ability to communicate in real-time. Inspectors are not forced to manually enter information. Instead, the required information is captured in the field and shared with the head office.

Integrated reports and trend analysis drive company leaders toward constant improvements. Information is critical in making decisions and Field Eagle ensures that leaders have everything they require.

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