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The Role of Inspection Software in Effective Safety Inspections at Work Sites

role of inspection software in effective safety inspections

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For years industrial settings have been driven by the mantra, “If it is not broken, don’t fix it.” While this might have been a cost effective short term strategy, over time it has proven to be extremely short sighted. Not only do business face a significant risk of injury to key employees, there are regulatory and compliance issues at stake also. Another thing to consider is that when equipment is not maintained, it tends to degrade in service. This is where inspection software comes into play and helps ensure that things do not fall through the cracks.

Customizable Form Templates

Inspection Software that has customizable form templates can be created to suit the specific safety requirement of each site. Having management and senior staff available at the head office to edit and direct inspection staff is critical. However if your tool is fixed and static you are going to be limited. It is important that your inspection software allows you to add questions on the fly to ensure that nothing is missed in the field.

Each company and site is different and letting the templates be customized by site helps ensure that inspectors are aware of the specific peculiarities within a location. Customization helps ensure that no element gets missed and that specific area’s get more focus based on the requirement.

In-App Compliance Data

In-App Compliance data ensures that your inspectors have the right information they need at their fingertips.

By ensuring that site inspections are completed to industry standards and regulations, you can ensure that your inspectors review all of the necessary elements correctly. Not only does this help organizations avoid potential non-compliance penalties, it also helps to increase the safety of a workplace. In-app compliance data enhances the efficiency and reliability of the site, while simultaneously increasing profitably.

Site Specific Data

When it comes to inspection software, if you have a tool that can provide you with a big picture view across multiple sites, you are one step ahead. Companies that are distributed across multiple locations, often share issues which local inspectors might not be aware of. However, if a tool provides a birds eye view across multiple sites, it can quickly and easily identify common problems from site to site. If this information is readily available to the inspector, then it speeds up the process considerably.

In addition, having an understanding of the specific peculiarities when it comes to equipment within a company is useful in determining areas of for particular attention. By utilizing inspection software to create a new source of operational data, businesses are able to move to a more proactive stance. This enables organizations to move to a model of preventative maintenance which further increases site safety and security.

Historical Data

Data is key when it comes to understanding trends and benchmarking issues. If your tool can speed this process up for you, you are going to be further ahead in the game. For inspectors access to historical data can help them identify trends based on time of year or even specific inspection cycle.

By comparing data over time, companies are better able to focus efforts on areas that need addressing.

Quickly & Easily Share Inspection Data

Now that everything is accessible via smartphones and tablets, why should inspection reports and data be any different? Paper based tools have significant issues with the quality of information and also overall accessibility, but modern tools can give you access 24/7.

Inspection software provides businesses with improved real time communication abilities. By letting field inspectors communicate with the head office instantaneously, companies are able to direct inspectors to specific problem areas. Regardless of where your inspector is, forms and data will be synchronized with the server as soon as a connection is available. This ensures that time is not wasted as management is able to access and analyze the data in near real time.

This ability lets management create customized forms based on the information provided, which ensures inspectors are always looking in the right areas. With instant reporting and two way communication between field and head office, companies are able to be proactive with problem areas.

In-App Inspector Training

Quality inspections require detailed knowledge and skills, but if information is easily accessible, inspections can be completed to close to the same standard on a more consistent basis with less skilled resources.

Having a tool that provides you with everything you need to be efficient simply makes sense. With immediate access to relevant documents and diagrams, inspectors know what to look for. By utilizing a tool like Inspection software inspectors can easily target specific areas or concern.

Standardization of Inspection Processes

By utilizing inspection management software, the process of inspections can be standardized across all businesses. This ensures that regardless of the skill level of your inspection or the complexity of the site, the job is completed to the same quality and level. By ensuring that a standard is followed, discrepancies and outliers are easier to identify.

Time spent on guesswork is time wasted by the company. The benefits of standardization are evident not only in terms of efficiency but also in how standards decrease ambiguity and guesswork. Standardization basically provides a clear framework on how to complete a particular task to a specific level of quality.

Inspection Software for Health & Safety

Field Eagle inspection software gives a holistic view of health and safety at works sites. Health and Safety inspection software ensures compliance and standards are met, and if they aren’t, management can be alerted in real-time so that actionalbe decisions can be made. Field Eagle inspeciton software ensures both the health of your assets, especially your best assets: your people. For a free personalized demo, get in touch with us today!

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