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Technology You Need to Start Taking Advantage Of

technologies you need to start taking advantage of

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One of the ways the construction industry wants to thrive is to continually improve its jobsite efficiency. The more efficient the job is, the quicker it can get done and still produce the same quality work. Now in this day and age of advancing technologies, it is possible. Using mobile technology for construction has been increasing in popularity over the recent years. The technology solutions that claim to improve the efficiency on jobsites, all need to start with effective communication in order to be successful. Construction is one of the biggest industries around and because of technology, it has transformed from a slow growing sector into one of the more fast paced and exciting industries.

There are many different types of technologies that have been introduced into the construction industry from smartphones to aerial drones that map and survey the job site. For those who want to become forward thinkers in this industry, here are some technologies that you need to start taking advantage of.

The Internet

This might be obvious, but the internet is the main contributor to technological growth. It transformed the way that construction projects can be designed, built, and monitored. It is the introduction to many construction technologies and many of today’s innovations. Some of these construction technologies are: construction management software, laser-based survey equipment and more.

All of these automated products takes time away from the manual work and leaves better precision for the foundations, perimeters and corners of the construction site. The internet and the technologies that it helped produce save time, resources and money.

Construction Management Software

This is also called task management software and its main purpose is to increase productivity and to keep everyone on schedule. It’s a great way to have a visible tool that monitors everyone’s project, while keeping all members of one project fully informed. It streamlines the entire process of a project from start to finish with its budgeting, billing and time management tools.

A great example of this is Building Information Management (BIM) which has the ability to create a three dimensional building plan and combine it with a construction schedule. This software is great because can help smooth the way for prefabrication, and it provides enhanced safety.

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design has fast tracked construction so much that it allows it to start before the design is fully complete. It helps improve procurement and performance, and detects any issues that might occur before the physical work begins. This reduces the risk of errors and the risk of going off budget.

Blueprint Apps

Usually on-site construction offices are filled to the brim with blueprint documents, but now all that clutter is minimized with an application tablet. This is a device that can be used in the office and on the field. These blueprint apps can give construction workers and project managers the ability to oversee plans and make changes digitally.

Any obstacles can be detected and resolved before the physical work begins. It also increases direct communication (which is key in an evolving environment) and allows everyone to be kept in the loop 24/7.


Drones have drastically changed the construction industry because they can:

  • Survey and map out the construction site, and can go to high to reach areas that are not easily reached by humans – therefore it can be easier to change any plans according to the drone footage.
  • Increase efficiency by providing more accurate mapping and data and can allow for the surveillance of large scale projects from remote locations. This allows managers to not have to be on site to control operations.

The introduction of technology in the construction industry has reaped many benefits from saving time, money and resources while also increasing the health and safety of workers. The future of the construction industry looks to be more fast paced and mobile with these modern technologies.

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