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Smartphones and tablets are rising in use and popularity globally. Currently, there are close to 6 billion mobile subscribers around the world which accounts for 87% of the entire population. As smartphone adoption continues to increase, app use is only becoming more prevalent. While Apple and Android continue to fight for market share, Apple and iOS is decisively in the lead as a single vendor.

Companies in high-risk industries are aching for technology tools. Good tools can help them be more efficient, and improve the overall health and safety of the employees. In this challenging business environment, any advantage can help a business pull ahead.

With high-risk industries, field inspection software is such an advantage. By pairing tools such as mobile applications and inspection management software, companies will surely benefit from these technologies.

Streamline Inspections with iOS Technology

When it comes to field inspection software, inspectors and auditors are looking to use it on a device familiar to them. This is where smartphones and tablets come into the equation. Today, these mobile devices are prevalent and people are used to the way they act and function. This helps ensure that any learning curve is sufficiently small.

iOS apps are applications that are available directly from the Apple store. They go through a rigorous process prior to inclusion to ensure that they function as advertised. When selecting an app from the store, there are certain key features that need to be offered.

Inspection management software needs to offer clients the ability to create unique templates. The software should also offer reports and the ability to store images and videos. Good tools will have RFID scanning built-in, as well as asset management capabilities. Along with all of the other aspects already mentioned, it should also offer real-time communication with corporate systems.

As you can see, field inspection software is quite complex and robust. Creating a tool and just expecting it to work is not enough. With rules and regulations around the world changing regularly, the software needs to accommodate these changes also.

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Endless Features

Good tools offer many of the capabilities and features already mentioned. The key feature of field inspection software is safety. You see, field inspection software has many purposes for businesses. Some of these are obvious and are related to equipment life and overall ROI.

Safety, however, is another consideration that businesses need to account for. With many high-risk industries located in remote areas of the world, inspectors and auditors are at risk of conducting the inspection itself. If the inspection is incomplete or data is not correctly recorded or transcribed, additional work and risk are involved.

Another feature inspection management software needs to offer is that of analytics. Reports are a must, but they should go a step further. Field inspection software needs to offer trend analysis based on issues discovered in other sites. This information can help onsite field inspectors identify items that need detailed review.

Companies that embrace all of these features see massive benefits. Staff members feel safer and cared for, and equipment is also better maintained. By using high-quality inspection management software, companies can accelerate their growth.

The Future of High-Risk Industries

High-risk and legacy industries are slow to change. They have existing processes and procedures that have worked for years. However, companies that do not embrace change are also doomed to extinction. With a global economy that is embracing technology, the high-risk industry needs to understand that change is inevitable.

The old ways of inspecting and auditing are simply not as efficient as newer digital methods. Historically, inspectors would need to go into the field with an inspection report. This report may or may not include the latest rules and regulations. Besides, any personalization based on site-specific requirements was simply impossible.

Once the inspector was on-site, there was no requirement to complete specific fields. They also did not have any information available that informed them of issues experienced at other sites. Finally, when the inspector left the site, they were forced to manually input all of the information about the inspection into another system for analysis. Any errors or mistakes either in the field or in this transcription would simply impact the business financially.

New digital tools and technologies completely change this paradigm. Not only do they ensure that inspectors are more efficient, they provide companies with information in near real-time. This data can be used by leaders and managers to plan future inspections.

Field Inspection Software

The Field Eagle iOS app is a revolution in technology. Available directly from the Apple App Store, the software is available for iPad devices. Field Eagle is an award-winning solution and provides companies with a host of productivity improvements.

Field Eagle inspection management software is used in high-risk industries around the world. The software offers a host of features to companies, which helps them improve their bottom line. More importantly, Field Eagle helps businesses understand what is actually happening in the field. This information is critical in the decision-making process.

Contact us to find out more about the Field Eagle iOS app. We can discuss in detail how it can help elevate your legacy company. Field Eagle is a leader in the industry. Let us tell you why.

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