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How Safety Measuring Works

how safety measuring works

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Safety is the most important thing a company or business can focus on and promote. When it comes to safety in a workplace, there can be no cut corners and no overlooked details, everything must be thoroughly looked at and evaluated in order to make sure there are no mistakes and zero neglect. So for something so important, you may be wondering how companies go about making sure that everything is running smoothly and safety measuring is done properly. Here’s a quick look at some of the ways that safety is measured in today’s day and age.

The initial questions

One of the first things that needs to be looked at when measuring and assessing a company’s safety practices is these four factors. By answering these questions, you can get a first impression of the safety standards and practices that are in place:

  • Psychological– do employees feel safe at work? Do they feel valued and supported by their superiors?
  • Behavioural– what do the managers, supervisors, and workers do to help create a safer workplace?
  • Situational– what systems, procedures, equipment and educational content does the company utilize in order to create a safer workplace?
  • Employee engagement– do the employees seem to be engaged with the company they are working for? There is research that suggests employees that are more engaged are less likely to be involved in safety incidents.

These questions can be answered by employees with the use of a safety culture survey, which is often administered to companies by safety inspection teams.

Safety inspection software

One of the most common ways to get an in depth look into a company’s level of safety is by using special safety inspection software. Software can assist in making a workplace safer in a number of ways:

  • Mobile site inspections eliminate the need for paper and pen documentation style safety inspections.
  • Asset tracking lets you set up preventative maintenance schedules, get rid of paper files, and organize your asset portfolio in a digital solution.
  • Site specific reporting and visibility allows you to identify problems as quickly as possible and address them using the necessary means.

The use of effective and reliable safety inspection software is becoming more and more essential to the success of companies’ safety practices and regulations. Software can make safety more available, faster, easier, more organized, and easier to understand, provided that it is used in the proper way. Safety inspection teams are constantly using software as part of their work, and their use can only go forward from here.

There is plenty more to safety inspection than meets the eye, but these main questions and the use of safety inspection software are the basics of all safety measuring.

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