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An Executive Guide To Audit and Inspection Management

executive guide to audit and inspection management

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Monthly audits, safety inspections, engineering surveys, and quality checks are a part of daily life in some businesses. While they add overhead they are a necessary part of the organization. Regardless of the process or its purpose, a significant investment in administrative time and effort is required. Auditing your firm to keep a close check on the inspection management process helps achieve current and future goals.

Modern technology now offers a means of simplifying this process. Field Eagles software packages offer a paperless and time-saving management system. The software incorporates modules that have the ability to streamline all your audit-reporting processes. Data is stored in a centralized location thus ensuring access to data online as well as offline. The software has many features –

  • it allows you to create and update schedules,
  • you can build templates,
  • it’s possible to complete and approve audits assigned to employees,
  • you can obtain instant reports,
  • you have the ability to track and manage actions.

Through the use of software, auditing and inspection have become reliable and effective. Field Eagle’s inspection suite lets you improve your organization’s overall safety and operational excellence culture.

Understand Key Audit and Inspection Process

People are often unable to make out the difference between audit and inspection due to the similarity in their definitions. However, looking at the meaning of the two words is enough to identify the difference. An audit looks deeper; it is a more detailed report in comparison to the inspection process.

Inspection is more like a review of the product or services, it has a defined schedule and frequency. Inspections can be done daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly or so on. Inspections usually have a predefined checklist and a predefined scope. Is the product safe or is it being used correctly, for example?

An audit, on the other hand, is more formal and tends to provide you with more details. An audit does not focus only on the quality of the product. Audits can be performed for other organizational functions and procedures with a focus on ensuring efficiency.

The company itself can conduct both inspection and audit or use a third party. Through the use of software – like Field Eagle – the process of inspection and audits can be automated. This improves reliability and makes it more effective and efficient.

Set Up Fixed Rules and Regulations

Field Eagle ensures completely paperless and reliable auditing as well as the inspection process. It comes packed with features that will streamline the entire procedure. Instead of pen and paper, you will use your tablets and smartphones. You can use it to build checklists, including multiple choice questions, and drop down menus.

Besides having inbuilt corporate and regulatory standards, you can also customize it. It has two main parts, the server, and the tablet application. The tablet app allows you to collect accurate data and the server ends to manage the data collected.

Customization is the backbone of Field Eagle, thus it has inbuilt different rules and regulations. These vary in accordance with the nature of the business. Regardless, of the nature of your business, Field Eagle will manage your audits on time. You will have access to historical information and all the reporting you need.

Standardize Inspection Manager’s Workflow

You can now put an end to slow inspection manger’s workflow with modern technology. We understand that inspection execution can be inefficient and error-prone, thus it can lead to several other challenges. You can now transform the inspection process by capturing, distributing and tracking problems in real-time via Field Eagle.

Field Eagle allows you to take a handheld device to the field, fill in the report templates, take pictures, open new cases and send the data in real-time. The punch list and checklist ensures accurate and error-free data collection.

Field Eagle is the perfect solution for building, plant, site and safety managers. It is designed keeping the needs of inspectors and manager in mind. It is safe, reliable and effective. It is user-friendly and it ensures thorough and standardized inspection. Field Eagle has simplified the entire inspection process by bringing the safety-related information, certification and onsite issues to one place.

Plan Inspection Form Templates

Of course, every business requires a unique and different method of inspection, Field Eagle understands this. It offers customization in terms of templates and data collection. Instead of relying on a fixed format, Field Eagle allows the company to make changes to the inbuilt inspection templates.

The creation of the templates is done at the server end; however, the inspector can make changes to the templates. Field Eagle offers generic templates out of the box. These have the ability to be customized and duplicated to meet the unique inspection needs of any business. Field Eagle can handle complex inspections because its templates contain unlimited item hierarchies. This will ensure the accurate inspection of every asset regardless of how deep it is in the system.

The flexibility allows the companies to edit templates to meet their unique business needs. They can add multiple choice, notes, checklists, punch lists and much more in order to gather reliable and accurate data.

Focus on Productivity and Quality of Data Collection

Data collected with clipboard and paper is slow and less reliable. It is easy to lose information in transit or through mistranslation. By entering information directly through the use of a mobile device such as a tablet it is possible to save significant time. This allows you to focus on the productivity and the quality of the data.

You can now generate reports in seconds and review the analytics even faster. This makes it possible for management to make accurate and reliable decisions. They do not have to wait for weeks to make a business decision as the data and the reports are readily available.

Field Eagle ensures that the inspector answers every question without omission in order to complete the inspection. This will reduce the risks of human error and it will generate more reliable and effective reports.

Different types of media capture are also available – this allows the software to include pictures and barcodes. Allowing multiple forms of data capture eliminates manual data entry, which again improves the quality of data.

Engage all Key Stakeholders

Managers often make the mistake of not communicating with all stakeholders or use a one-size-fits-all approach. However, every stakeholder has a different level of interest in every project. It is important to communicate with every stakeholder in a different manner.

Instead of using traditional methods, Field Eagle lets you engage all parties in a centralized workplace. Here you can enter the project details including budget, schedules and other priorities. Every user stays on the same page as the updates are reflected in real-time.

Field Eagle offers automated reports and live dashboards to share key metrics and project reports with the key stakeholders. The stakeholders will then have a baseline that they use to make any future business decision. They can also preview information regarding old projects, comment on the task, have discussion boards and much more.

The Great Team (Talent)

Field Eagle is your one-solution for all your audit and inspection related problems. It offers a reliable collection of data, accurate data transmission, and efficient reporting. Processes that took days in order to be completed, now are finished within minutes. The inspectors can collect reliable data and send it in real-time to the managers. The managers then can take decisions effectively.

The software makes it possible for you to engage all the key stakeholders, keeping them updated regarding project updates and enabling them to take better business decisions. Field Eagle allows you to focus on productivity and the quality of the data collection. It minimizes the human error in every possible manner. For instance, it uses checklists and multiple questions instead of handwritten notes. Likewise, it does not allow an inspector to form a report without answering all the questions. It scans data using different automated methods. The software offers this and much more to ensure a brighter future of your business.


As you can see, audits and inspections require significant work. Manual processes work but they are time and labor intensive. Businesses today simply cannot afford to spend this amount of time when a better alternative exists.

Field Eagle helps automate the mundane processes. It includes all of the rules and regulations your company needs to follow. Standardized templates and checklists are built in with the ability to customize the product for your exact specifications. Check out Field Eagle and get a single tool that will keep your whole team on the same page. Field Eagle will exceed all of your audit and inspection needs.

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