Field Eagle is a highly customizable and versatile software for asset and equipment management in any environment. With the costs of assets and equipment high, regular monitoring and maintenance are paramount to the successful completion of the project.

Field Eagle provides award-winning turnkey solutions to plant managers with regulatory compliance and reporting software solutions. Customers are guaranteed the best software applications for Asset and Equipment Maintenance inspection and safety audits.

Asset and Equipment Management Software

Maintenance Task Management Software for Technicians

Maintenance Task Management Software for Technicians

With Field Eagle, inspections and maintenance team have the capability to:

  • Inspect equipment anywhere with or without an internet connection.
  • The flexibility to run the application from any tablet of your choice.
  • Built-in secure encryption to the home server.
  • The ability for inspectors to add items of interest to the report as needed.
  • The flexibility for inspectors to add endless photos and comments.
  • Inspectors also have the option of scanning barcodes and RFID tags on equipment.
  • Inspectors also have the option of comparing inspections and generating reports at any time.

Field Eagle Maintenance Management Software for Managers

Field Eagle also provides managers with flexibility in supervising Asset and Equipment Maintenance inspectors and placing assignments. The application includes server-side features that can be easily set up and configured from the office.

Managers have the capacity to:

  • Create work inspections and specify inspection locations from the dashboard.
  • Supervise inspector performance visually.
  • Supervise current and recent inspector activity.
  • Ability to consolidate all data, documents, inspection items, reports, regulatory rules, and templates into one module.
  • The option to integrate common questions and answers into the dashboard.
  • The choice to generate templates that can be shared between inspectors.
  • The ability to customize any template for an inspection.
  • The capacity to create unlimited item hierarchies for the inspection of hardware.
  • The facility to supervise all inspectors in the system, their average condition rating, activity, their average number of pass points, and their average number of fail points.

Asset Maintenance Management Software for Managers

Maintenance Management Software Features

Asset Tracking

Your assets are instrumental to the success of your business. With the Field Eagle inspection suite, you have the flexibility to view and manage the health of your properties with a variety of reports.

  • Asset Condition Report
    You can automatically create reports on the condition of an asset over time. You can specify the asset, its location, or the client managing the property.
  • Punch List Report
    The Punch List Report highlights the compliance of the asset. Items can be labeled critical, major, or minor.
  • Final Compliance Report
    The final compliance report is a consolidation of the Asset and Punch List reports. It includes a cover page, Inspector-Client signature, client details, charts, the Item Hierarchy, and Punch List Reports.

Asset and Equipment Management Software

Asset Hierarchies

With Field Eagle managers gain the unique ability to supervise a spectrum of complex inspection activities from the comfort of their desktop. We understand that you know the product to be inspected better than we could ever anticipate. Which is why we built Field Eagle to support multiple child items. You also have the option of adding unlimited item hierarchies to an inspection child.

Asset and Equipment Management Software

Remote Monitoring

Field Eagle knows that managing large projects over vast areas is a logistical challenge for the most resourceful of industries. With our application, you can monitor and inspect equipment remotely from the comfort of your desk. Your inspectors can analyze assets from any Microsoft, Android, or iOS tablet and have the reports automatically synced to your server for review.

Asset and Equipment Management Software

Open API

Field Eagle is aware that your business is dynamic and fluid. We know that our customers have unique needs and that turnkey solutions can’t conceivably resolve every problem that you might encounter in the field. This is why we constructed Field Eagle to be an open application interface. We are dedicated to our customers. The guarantee that you will receive the best capabilities and the most return on your investment.

Asset and Equipment Management Software

Custom Modules

The Field Eagle API can be configured with Custom Modules. You can choose from integrated training, document management, sensor data, and many other things that streamline your business flow. You can also consult with Field Eagle on configuring specialized data management modules.

Asset and Equipment Management Software

Custom APIs

The Field Eagle API can also be configured with Custom APIs. These APIs are communications systems that can integrate your data network with another data network seamlessly and in real time. You can choose from SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others. Field Eagle can also engineer a special interface just for you.

Asset and Equipment Management Software

Custom Reports

Field Eagle is aware that your business analytics needs are unique. The analysis demands of your contractors and partners might be incompatible or even contrary to your needs. Which is why we have constructed Field Eagle to accommodate custom reports. You can choose from custom Punch List reports, Hazard Matrix, Risk Management, and many others. We can also have our engineers formulate analytics specifically for you.

Asset and Equipment Management Software


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