There are two packages available when looking to use Field Eagle for your Inspection Management Software – The SaaS (Software as a Service) or the On Premise Solution.

Finally a solution where capabilities aren’t limited and costs are competitive. Take the plunge and find out what your options really are.

SaaS Solution

The SaaS Solution is for your company if you want to use Field Eagle but cannot maintain the infrastructure to host it yourself. With this solution we host your server on our computers and you pay only for the subscriptions and setup.  

SaaS Solution Package

On Premise Solution

The On Premise Solution is the capital investment solution.  With this solution your company can purchase and manage your own server.  This server will host Field Eagle and all your proprietary information (private option).   Field Eagle will help with the setup, training and customization upfront, and maintenance fees are applicable whenever needed.

On Premise Solution


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