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The Benefits of Field Inspections and Equipment Maintenance

benefits of field inspections and equipment maintenance

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Inspection management software streamlines all tasks related to checking, assessing, recording, scheduling, and tracking documents, checklists, and web forms. It allows for continuous upkeep, repair, and organization at a fraction of the time it used to take to do it by hand.

So what are the benefits of field inspection software? Beyond just increasing profitability, equipment maintenance software ensures fewer workplace injuries, liability protection and boosts the lifetime of the product and its productivity.

How Equipment Inspections Help Increase Profitability

Equipment inspections are primarily believed to be about the condition of the fleet, but they are equally working to save money. An inspection keeps your equipment compliant, but properly done, it prevents replacement of equipment, which is always more expensive than repairs and maintenance. Vehicles and equipment not regularly examined will end up accumulating for repairs, and any machinery that’s not in operation immediately loses value and further deteriorates in quality.

Equipment maintenance software is put in place to ensure safety, but more importantly maintain, if not increase profitability. Avoiding equipment failure is one of the most important virtues of regular inspections; no on site accidents and emergency replacements means no new and unexpected (often huge) expenses. The field inspection speaks for itself; well organized, it helps increase profitability.

Fewer workplace injuries and related costs

Inspections have always been at the center of prevention and safety management. Enforcement of sanitation, safety, security and potential risks is key to ensuring preventative measures are enforced and set out in any sector.

Regularly inspected equipment has a much higher Failure Developing Period, or FDP for short. It is the time period between which a failure happens and breakdown. A failure in the case of inspections is when an asset still functions as it should, but there are signs of problems showing. A breakdown is when the asset cannot perform its intended function.

The problem with FDP is that determining when breakdown happens is almost impossible. It is therefore very hard to figure out when to have the issues fixed once a failure is spotted. This is why regular inspections are vital; equipment isn’t given the chance to fail or breakdown, preventing heavy costs and potential health and safety violations.

Compliance with laws and regulations and liability protection

Whether it’s mining, transportation, heavy equipment, or oil and gas, anywhere with the potential of safety and security demands strict regulations be followed and upkept to avoid heavy fines or worse. A well executed inspection plan is built around following laws and ensuring safety and equipment upkeep that will not only reduce the amount of fees over time, but prevent unexpected damage and fines in the first place.

Many places have laws mandating maintenance and upkeep of equipment, otherwise liability for injuries could be immense. While at a workplace, inspectors will generally review the functioning of equipment and any outstanding or unresolved issues, as well as perform a walk-through inspection of some or all of the workplace.

Proactive inspections are guided by sector strategy plans based upon which sectors and workplaces have greater hazards or injury experience, and will act according to those guidelines.

Fixing problems before they escalate

Understanding the importance of small things getting out of control is one of the unseen superpowers of a good inspection manager. With great field inspection software, being able to notice and note down small or seemingly unimportant issues and foresee whether or not these will turn into more serious problems down the road is an asset.

This goes back to saving a company money. Having machinery or product out of service for a short amount of time to be checked and fixed is much more financially productive than a full breakdown that will take months to fix, or may require complete (and often expensive) replacement.

A field inspection software system that is outfitted with features designed to proactively identify potential problems ensures accuracy and high-quality data. This increases proactive inspections and maintenance efficiency on top of checking off regulatory compliance.

Prolonged facility and equipment lifetime

Following up on fixing problems before they escalate is the understanding of prolonged facility and lifetime use. Regularly inspected and maintained equipment will last longer, allowing for greater return on investment on the purchase or lease price of that equipment.

Most owners have the option of maintaining their equipment at a minimum to meet OSHA requirements, but it’s been proven that a more successful strategy is regular checkups with small service work when needed to increase equipment lifetime. This is what makes equipment maintenance software such an integral part of everyday operations. Any financially savvy owner will try to squeeze everything out of an expensive asset. The trick to this is making sure it’s all well maintained.

Customizing inspections to perfectly fit with the needs of the assets being serviced is a fantastic way to preventative care and therefore prolonged equipment or facility lifetimes. Evry check and need can be easily implemented and followed across regions and state lines, ensuring uniform quality no matter how many units or locations are being worked on.

Boosted Productivity

Digitizing each step of the process when running field inspection software or equipment maintenance software is the only way to ensure any critical information will be available to all parties instantly. With fewer delays, missed timeframes, updated rules and regulations and speedy information sharing, teams can work smarter, not longer, be more consistent in results and more clear in the needs of the business.

Employees who are focused and on track with requirements perform better, and a paperless digitization of inspections helps move a business from a process that could take weeks to merely hours. Inspectors can complete more projects in a day and do it in a safer manner (minimizing health and safety risks), and any staff processing or checking the information can do it with less errors (minimizing law and regulation risks.

With smarter equipment and field inspection work, boosted productivity is not a goal, but the standard. Saving money, therefore, becomes the standard as well. Profitability is on every company’s agenda, but in increasingly digitizing times, health and profit go hand in hand with success. The Field Eagle inspection system is twofold. One is the FE Server, where an administrator manages inspectors, clients, assets, inspection templates, and reports. Second is the FE Tablet, which inspectors use to carry out checks and generate reports.

Offering safety, cost efficiency and dependability right at the fingertips of every inspection manager, Field Eagle’s intelligent software is the answer to every company needing field inspections or equipment maintenance, providing tools for safety, strategy, compliance and peace of mind. Cost-cutting and productivity don’t have to stay within the realm of pipe dreams, the future of inspections and maintenance is now.

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