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Making Field Data Collection Easier with Software

Easier Data Collection

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Field data collection software can make collecting data in the field much easier. It can help streamline the process by allowing users to capture, store and analyze data in the field quickly. This article will discuss the various features of field data collection software, its benefits, and how it can help improve data quality and accuracy.

What is field data collection software?

A data gathering effort called “field data collection” is carried out personally in a predetermined physical setting or area on a field. An organization can gain access to some of the most critical information by collecting data in the field. It gives managers and other supervisors a clear view of what’s happening at a job site or point of transaction, giving them the information, they need to make appropriate operations decisions.

The primary target of field data collection is to measure and observe operations in the actual environments. Different types of information can be gathered in the field, such as measurements, observations, interviews, and images. The collected data can be used based on the operation needs, such as equipment inspection, safety and compliance check, preventive maintenance, etc.

Data collection software is a program designed to manage and distribute data. This means it can be used for many different purposes. In addition, data collection software provides a wide range of benefits mentioned below.

Easier Data Collection


  • Real-time Data

Real-time data (RTD) is information that is delivered immediately after collection. Therefore, the timeliness of information supplied is on time. Real-time data is valuable for all sorts of projects and organizations for informing people about their working environment through instant data delivery.

The rise of mobile devices made it possible to use the most out of collected Real-time Data. The digital field data collection through forms allowed records to be extracted directly into spreadsheets that were relatively easy to manipulate with reduced potential for human error. This will enable organizations to implement findings and workflow capabilities.

  • Improved Efficiency

Many industries and operations rely on accurate and instantaneous data. Technology allows less time to put information together and more time to analyse the information.

Field data collection software can provide operations with a better, faster, and more secure way to process their operations-gathered data. In addition, the field data is available online, and there will be no inaccuracies in the business process; an organization can improve operational efficiency and provide higher management with various previously unavailable information for better decision-making.

·         Reduces Errors

Operations with team members operating in the field need to report the result of each field-related activity. The traditional data collection method, such as manual inspection forms or spreadsheets, can increase the possibility of mistakes in field data collection. If all field workers are unaware of the data collection procedure that needs to be followed, then the chances are that each will come up with different data and conducting the field data collection procedure is useless.

By using software to collect field Data, the operations team can use the most out of techniques such as pre-determined inspection, standardized process, targeted area, and capturing real-time, reducing room for human error, and eliminating all the steps that typically have to be taken after users finish with forms.

  • Cost Savings

Field data collection software forms are an effective way to go paperless. Therefore, by deploying them, the administrative cost, the associated costs of printing and storage, and the need for accessories to store manual documents (e.g., binders, clipboards, pens, staples, etc.) will be eliminated.

Manual data collection requires resources not usually associated with paperwork, like fuel and vehicle mileage. Moreover, field teams filling in paper forms must hand-deliver these documents to the back office for manual review and analysis. These costs and additional time and resources can be eliminated when switching to digital data collection techniques.

  • Flexibility

Switching to field data collection software should make data collection easier for field team members. But it could do the opposite if the interface of your chosen tool is complicated and requires employee training time. Flexibility depends on a well-designed inspection and its app.

The checklist’s interface should be familiar and convenient for employees at every level. Ideally, employees should be able to adjust to the software after just a day or two of using it and then look forward to the simplicity of the tool when completing their tasks. In fact, the right checklist solution should be simple and convenient enough to reduce the complexity and error of the data gathering.

Easier Data Collection


Field data collection software allows you to digitize field operations, making them efficient and productive. You can replace physical paperwork with digital forms and checklists that field employees can fill out on smartphones or tablets. Data collection using mobile forms ensures that all required data is accurately recorded, securely stored and accessible.

Field Eagle is the way to digitize your operations, and make Field Data Collection easier, faster, and more accurate than ever before. Book a Demo Today.

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