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Elevate your Standards with In-App Inspector Training

elevate your standards with in-app inspector training

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Customers and businesses are constantly striving for efficiency. One requirement that many companies face is that of training. Inspectors and auditors need to be trained to the correct standards. This ensures that they are able to look for and identify faults and issues quickly and easily.

With the changing technical environment that all businesses face, new challenges are prevalent. However, with these challenges come many new opportunities. Companies in high-risk industries are coming to realize that technology is an innovation they need.

New technologies like automation, big data, and data integration are having a huge impact on these legacy industries. Digital inspection tools allow them to provide new insights into their operations. By using digital inspection tools in the field, inspectors and auditors are more efficient and well equipped to do their jobs properly.

Paperless Operations

The paperless office has long been a dream for businesses. While this has yet to truly come to pass, the paperless inspector is something that exists. Many high risk and legacy businesses are located in remote locations. This makes the use of a paper inspection process significantly less efficient.

Aside from the travel time to and from the site, paper inspections are prone to error, whether that is the error on initial entry or the error when the information is transcribed. Digital technology, however, can easily remove this issue.

Companies that embrace digital inspection management software can realize the many benefits of going digital. Some of these include:

  • Templates that can be customized for any situation. Companies can build standard and unique templates that can be used based on requirements.
  • Integrated asset management lets inspectors know the health of the equipment. By focusing on equipment integral to your business, inspectors can review critical equipment first. Asset management also allows inspectors to have a log of defects to review.
  • Compliance information and support ensure that inspectors are reviewing equipment based on current rules. Many jurisdictions change regulations regularly. The rules in one part of the world do not always apply in another. It is critical that inspectors audit equipment based on local regulations and laws.
  • Inspection management software should provide real-time reporting information. Real-time reporting helps ensure that management and senior staff have access to the information gathered.
  • RFID and barcode scanning can ensure that inspectors can easily identify equipment. Rather than trying to go through a list to find the one specific piece of equipment, scanning can be done quickly and easily.

Aside from these benefits, digital inspection management software simplifies the overall process. By keeping the inspector focused on the issues that need reviewing, unnecessary legwork is removed.

In-App Inspector Training

Understanding what is critical and what can wait takes time and experience. However, digital tools can shorten this learning curve. By implementing and integrating best practices and knowledge learned, new staff can onboard significantly faster. In-app inspector training is one of the key ways that this speed is realized.

When digital inspection management software is paired with a comprehensive learning program, inspectors and companies both benefit greatly. Inspectors are able to put the lessons learned into practice almost immediately through simulations. Companies are thus better able to utilize resources.

Another significant benefit of in-app inspector training is how it can be used to transition workers. Employees used to inspect in a specific fashion and format will be wary of change. However, a good inspection management tool will allow the customization of forms and templates. This will remove some of the initial hesitations as the look and feel will match.

In addition to all of this, employees will all realize the benefits of having up-to-date information when inspecting. Inspectors often have to travel to remote locations to review equipment. If the laws have changed or the templates they are using are not accurate, this becomes a waste of time and effort. By using a tool that can be updated in real-time, inspectors are always checking for issues using the right tests.

Document Management

Sometimes inspections and audits need to show what is happening to all the parties involved. While templates and text notes are good in many cases, they will not suit all instances. A good tool needs to have the capability of sharing media in addition to text and notes.

Inspection management software needs to provide inspectors a quick and easy way of uploading information. This information can be of a specific defective part or even the machine itself. By attaching an image or video to a specific question or inspection item, it is clear what and where the problem is.

With paperless inspection software, this information is something that can be shared amongst inspectors across multiple sites. It does not require a return to the head office and gradual dissemination to the field. Instead, it can be shared in near real-time across multiple sites simultaneously.

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Field Eagle is the leader in digital inspection management software. With an award-winning solution that is currently in use around the world, Field Eagle has helped transform the way legacy businesses work and operate. Our innovative software solution ensures that inspectors in the field know what to look for in a timely and effective manner.

Our integrated server and tablet solution works to ensure management is apprised of issues in real-time. Field Eagle allows businesses to make decisions faster and better. With comprehensive trend reporting and built-in customizable templates, Field Eagle ensures that companies know what is happening at all times.

The Field Eagle solution goes a step beyond other tools by providing you with a single source of truth. Its integrated asset and inventory management tools help you understand the health of all of your sites. Common issues across sites can be shared and corrective action plans built to improve your ROI. Field Eagle is the inspection management software you need.

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