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Creating the Right Facility Management Strategy

creating the right facility management strategy

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A good facility management strategy is an essential preemptive strike against many issues clients face, and most often ends up saving company money and increasing productivity. It’s better to stop an issue way before it happens.

In high-risk industries especially, facility management is a top priority. Ensuring that a site or asset is kept in top condition, and safety protocol and compliance are being followed makes the difference in the long-term health of products, sites, and people. Preventative maintenance software is the key point of being ready for failures or issues, and knowing what to do when one comes along.

Facility maintenance in Hospitals, for example, is one aspect of this that is getting high news coverage now and sheds light on how preparedness and prevention can make or break a whole community.

The Key to Compliance

Compliance in any field is an obvious common sense kind of issue, but depending on your category, laws, and regulations can change rapidly and it’s easy to miss something vital that may have serious repercussions down the road. Having the right software where you can update, store information and keep everything up to date and fluid takes hundreds of hours of work and turns it into minutes instead and thousands of dollars saved.

If you can track, audit and confirm that your business is aligned with regulations and laws, standards of consumers and policies, your processes and time management will reflect that agility and security.

Preventative Maintenance Measures

In a time of digital transformation, it is unacceptable for software to not have the ability to take notes, add missing items, capture photos, scan barcodes, electronically sign, compare and create order templates. A good facility management plan will have all these preventative maintenance features available to use.

Here are a few basics of measures you should have implemented to help your facility management strategy.

1. Tracking the health of your assets.

Making sure every part of your business is running smoothly begins with ensuring that asset condition reports, punch list reports, and final compliance reports are done well and are constantly being updated and kept up to date. A great asset management software will provide your company visibility to help you manage your properties.

2. Planned Inspections

Interactive inspections, easily shared and edited are a solution to wasted hours of planning and money wasted. Managers who can share data and keep track of maintenance activities and inspections have an easier time ensuring everything is done correctly and prevent and manage incoming issues in faster time and with greater accuracy.

3. Condition Monitoring

Keeping all parts of your inspected items organized will help you find issues deep within that could potentially be missed otherwise. Handling a broad spectrum of complex inspections, item hierarchies, and tasks in one place results in a smoothly working team and well-developed asset organization.

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Using Insightful Data To Make The Right Decisions

The proper inspection software is the difference between a fail and a pass of more than just an inspection report. Using the best tools for data to guide decision making in your management strategy is a key component of a successful business working well. The cost of asset monitoring and inspections is high, so using the most advanced tools available to connect, organize and structure is a fantastic way to stay ahead and avoid unnecessary financial spending that most companies have to deal with.

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Manage your Facilities with Field Eagle Software

Field Eagle provides your company with all the necessary tools to create an amazing facility management strategy. Our fluid software allows sharing, data management, organization, report planning and updating of all the necessary compliance standards all in one place from any tablet you have. By performing proactive preventative maintenance measures and implementing asset management software to your processes, your company will save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted time and manpower. Field Eagle software allows you to complete everything you ever need in a fraction of the time. Request a live demo today.

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