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7 innovative ways technology is revolutionizing construction industry

technology is revolutionizing construction industry

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Technology is touching our lives in every possible ways. Tech is changing the face of business too and how do they deliver solution. With the increased adaptation of technology in various industries, many construction professionals are acknowledging how technology is changing the industry. Here are some of the ways technology is changing the construction industry:

1. Site Drone Surveying

This Inspection Software can be remotely controlled or flown autonomously through a worksite, which can provide an accurate real-time overview of the area. This will provide the workers with potential quality issues or hazards in the workplace. Captured images will help with site assessments and inspections, thus keeping track of progress being done on the job.
Some companies are using drones by taking the footage and converting it into 3D pictures which is comparable to architectural plans.

2. 3D Printing Modeling

This software can be used to build life-size structures with a multitude of materials from a single digital file. Now, with 3D printing, there is reduced material waste (extruded concrete, plastics, and other materials) and increased project speed.

3. Wearables Devices

This industry has a lot of potential for wearable devices such as smart glasses and hardhats, which can provide visualization and augmented reality. These inspection software tools can help improve accuracy and safety on the job. Also, other wearables, like technology-enhanced vests, smart watches, health trackers and more can be used to monitor worker’s motions and movements to increase safety and productivity.
Another example of wearables is virtual reality devices. Virtual Reality Devices can give people the ability to walk through a design of their building before it is complete, which is great to improve client satisfaction and to prevent any untoward errors in the building.

4. Anti-Collision Software

Anti-Collision Safety Software is designed to monitor safety on the job by using metrics such as the position and the movement of the equipment. If a problem is detected, the software will immediately do any corrective measures to fix it.

5. GPS Tracking

GPS hardware gets installed in each vehicle and will have each one communicate with a “home” via satellite, which will allow managers to see where their vehicles are located in real time. This is an upcoming trend in technology in the construction industry because it is foreseen that future trends in GPS tracking will involve a greater connection with other systems, provide instant data about field and equipment conditions and feed that information into a “home base” to improve operations.

6. Laser Scanning

This inspection software is very efficient when it comes to accessing sites. Measurements performed with laser scanners will capture detailed geometric information in the form of “point cloud” data (large set of points on a coordinate system). This will show the true conditions of a workspace, which is useful when analyzing potential problems with the existing conditions of a space and the new elements of a building.

7. Mobile Devices and Apps

This is the most used of all new technologies. With easy to use apps, workers can access, document, share and edit any important project information while on the job site as well as off.
There you have it, technology is growing at an almost unimaginable pace and will soon be making a large impact in the construction industry if it hasn’t already! By adapting to using technology on the construction site, you will be increasing your productivity as well as increasing your connectivity to the project with almost seamless communication.


At any Construction site, safety is the utmost priority. With the rise of technology and it’s integration with construction workflow, the critical need for health and safety compliance is fulfilled. Tech has brought a revolution in construction planning, regulatory, auditing, inspection, and safety. From digitalized floor plans to augmented reality tech is reaching everywhere.
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