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10 Ways to Ensure Operational Excellence with Field Eagle Inspection Software

ensure operational excellence with field eagle

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Field Eagle inspection software offers a groundbreaking solution for all field inspection dilemmas. It is our mission to offer you smart, easy to use and operative solutions. We understand successful businesses have efficient staff and equipment that works.

Field Eagle Inspection offer versatility to all its clients. Regardless, the nature of your business – mining, construction, or something else. The software can be customized to the unique needs of every business. It has the ability to cater all its’ client at an individual level. This makes it possible for the customers to supervise and analyze the performance of their assets without actually being present on the field. The paper-less, risk-based software offers agility and optimization.

The new generation software automates the entire inspection procedure. You can create templates, questionnaires, inspection survey and much more from the servers end. Likewise, the person at the front end also has the ability to customize templates, send real-time data to the server and take down notes. Once you have data on your private server, you can study the results at your convenience. The off-the-shelf software has everything that you need in the box. However, you still can customize Field Eagle according to your business infrastructure.

Structured Data Collection

Field Eagle ensures visibility and effectiveness of data. This allows our clients to collect structured data that is easier to understand. Field Eagle clients can analyze the data faster. Instead of reading long reports, they have short questions and concise answers.

The structured data collection speeds up the entire field inspection process. Your team no longer has to collect data, bring it back to the office and analyze it. On the contrary, they collect data, upload it right away and the analysis process starts. To ensure data privacy, all your data is uploaded to the server in real-time. The concrete data ensures reliability and value.

Our software allows you to consolidate everything you need in one place. All your regulations, templates, inspection items and documents are available in a single dashboard. To save you the cost, we offer integration with several backend software. Some of the popular packages include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, and others.

Periodic Asset Condition Monitoring

Field Eagle, the multi-technology maintenance and inspection platform offer periodic asset condition monitoring. Instead of periodically changing the components, our condition monitoring makes sure that you change the machine when required. This not only increases the life of equipment along with reliability, but Field Eagle also helps you save money. Condition Monitoring reduces the repair cost and the downtime cost.

Our system will create a reliable risk map for all your electrical and mechanical parts. Then Field Eagle system will use this plan as a foundation to come up with effective and operative future-focused asset management strategies.

Field Eagle sets parameters to establish a baseline standard operation for your equipment. These parameters are followed by component failure. Having a close eye on their changes will help you decide the best course of action for your equipment. Periodic asset monitoring conditions will alert you. Alerts regarding the health of your equipment are useful in helping you save the reactive cost.

Industry’s Best Practices Implementation

For a business to be successful, it needs to account for industry best practices. Our software understands this, and it offers solutions that are going to make your business stand out.

Integrating Field Eagle is the ultimate best practice to increase your business productivity. We will provide you with all the support and guidance that your staff will need in order to embrace and take benefit from our system.

Field Eagle will automate almost all your processes. This includes:

  • data collection,
  • data analysis,
  • creating inspection templates,
  • generating reports, and
  • producing a good preventative maintenance plan.

Field Eagle inspection software does not require data so it allows you to inspect your equipment without the internet. We have built-in a secure encryption system, the software is compatible with all tablets and phones, and it scans barcodes and RFID tags on equipment. 

Regulation and Compliance

Regulation compliance is a major challenge for today’s business. This is true, especially in the construction business. If you do not comply, your business can face tough penalties. Therefore, Field Eagle introduces a smart way for regulation compliance. Our software offers multiple capabilities. These include punch list reports, so the person sitting at the administrative end have visibility of the site. The instant visibility allows the managers to respond to hazards in an effective and timely manner.

The entire system offers cost-effective solutions, instead of relying on poor data quality. Field Eagle provides you the facility of digital inspection. You can create digital reports, address and re-address problem in an effective manner and ensure safety in minimal time. The asset condition reports present you with a concise asset condition over a certain time. You can generate asset condition reports on basis of the asset, client, and location. The Field Eagle system will also offer you a final compliance report with the cover page and client details.

Audit Ready

For decades, companies have been spending a lot of time, energy and money on auditing. However, Field Eagle has revolutionized the auditing system. Our software will help you reduce the cost of compliance audits as it automates the entire procedure with just one point of contact.

Field Eagle is compatible with all industry standards including ESHQ, COR, and ISO. Our service will ensure that you no longer have to waste your valuable time with audit reports that automatically merge with regular inspection reports. You can retrieve these reports with a few clicks and within seconds, instead of waiting for hours.

Creating audit reports is easier with Field Eagle inspection software. It will provide you with the complete authority to create audit reports that will meet your business needs. Sharing audit reports is also easier, all you have to do is upload them to the server and the management will have access in no time.

Effective Preventive Maintenance Management

The health of your equipment plays a vital role in defining your business’s successful future. Even a single clog in your system can have an adverse effect on your business operations. At best, it will disrupt certain operations and at worst, it will put a halt to your business.

A good and effective preventative maintenance management system will help you save cost. Field Eagle allows the clients to monitor the health of their equipment and then generates detailed reports. The customized reports provide you with the accurate condition of the equipment along with the future course of action.

A generic report cannot provide reliable and accurate data. Field Eagle understands this. It offers three different kinds of asset health reports. These include asset conditions reports, final compliance reports, and push list reports. Each type of reports helps the system to generate a good preventive management plan.

Real Time Report Updates

Instead of you going to the site, manually recording data and then coming back to the office to analyze it, Field Eagle automates the entire system. It will deliver accurate data in minimal time. It allows you to collect data on site and then upload it in real-time. Instead of just text data, you can take pictures and send videos in real time.

The real-time report updates allow you to take the best course of action for the health of your equipment. You can edit these reports; change their template and much more.

Our software is designed to increase user feasibility and the best way to do is to provide you with live streaming of your data. The accurate data will generate accurate results and this will result in better preventative plans and actions. Real-time data helps companies save costs. This includes machine failure costs, inaccurate data costs and more.

Mobile Access

The field Eagle inspection software has two parts, one the server part and seconds the mobile application. To ensure the robustness of the system, our mobile app is easily accessible across platforms. We have made sure that our app is compatible with all kinds of tablets and mobile phones.

Instead of taking a pen or a paper to the site, all you need is your tablet. The mobile app allows you to customize the templates, add information and gather information. In order to gather information, the user will first launch the app on the phone. He or she will then sign into the account and there he will see the inspection templates.

He will have to fill in the inspection templates and the data is transferred to the server in real time. Creating new templates is also available at the administrative end.

Data or Performance Report Availability

Data or performance report availability allows you to set a benchmark for improved performance. It makes it possible for you to measure and control the performance of your workforce. In addition, the availability of performance reports and data improves communication.

Field Eagle provides you the facility of enhancing your company’s process optimization. The state of the art software will provide you with continuous assessments and reports of your business’s objectives, goals, targets, and performance. It will measure and report different business parameters such as sales profit and cost, the rate of inventory turnover and much more.

To ensure continuous development and update regarding your current business status, Field Eagle will generate a detailed performance report upon task completion. The report will display all data including failed inspection points, successful inspection points, and performance ratings.

Timely Employee Safety and Training Tracking

Employees usually face numerous hazards in their workplace. This is especially true when working in changing environments or around heavy machinery. In order to overcome these significant hazards, it is imperative to train the workers. Project deadlines, temporary employees and job locations tend to put employee safety training on the backburner.

However, the lack of employer safety program and training can lead to serious consequences, as employees are the biggest asset of an organization. Therefore, it is imperative to have a good and reliable safety program and offer regular training to the employees. It is equally important to track the training programs in order to assess employee development and growth.

Timely employee safety and training tacking was a tiresome and complex task. However, with Field Eagle training and training track, it is a simple thing. It will generate an effective training program. Field Eagle will streamline and automate your training tracking and timely employee safety management plans. It allows you to arrange training sessions, see an individual performance of every person and much more.

If you would like to get more information or looking for an easy to use and implement inspection and audit software solution, look no further, Field Eagle is easy to use and one of the best inspection and audit management software for small and medium-size companies. Contact us to know more or schedule a demo with one of our solutions experts.

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