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How To Select the Right Construction Safety Inspection App

select the right construction safety inspection app

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When it comes to running a business, there is a specific goal you want to accomplish. As an organization, you want to exceed customer expectations.

In the construction industry, employees and employers have no room for errors or mishaps. Choosing the right construction inspection software can impact this. It can be a crucial difference between a successful business and one that is struggling.

Safety inspection apps are beneficial because they:

  • Give a sense of responsibility,
  • increase productivity, and efficiency,
  • allow for the use of leading indicators,
  • and improve office and field communication.

Consider these factors when making your choice for construction safety inspection application.

Skeleton Steel Building Construction Worker Wearing Safety Hard Hat and Noise Reduction Headphones. Going Up Using Ladder.

Benefits of Safety

Worker Safety

A safe and healthy workplace is more productive. With fewer workers choosing to be absent due to sickness and injury, more work can be done. Worker safety improves with the right construction safety inspection app. By ensuring equipment is inspected regularly, issues are addressed before they become serious.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is about how much better you can be than your competition. Operational excellence is also sometimes referred to as execution excellence.

Regardless of the name, it describes the business strategy companies develop to ensure consistency. Choosing an excellent safety inspection app improves the company’s operational excellence.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is necessary to ensure your business stays in operation. Regulatory compliance is all about local rules and regulations. It’s about ensuring your company knows what is and isn’t allowed. It is also about making sure your company follows the specific rules and guidelines that pertain to your company’s industry.

This type of compliance also describes the company goals you set for your business. Having the right app helps make regulatory compliance a non-issue.


The reputation of your business is a determining factor of your company’s success. Maintaining an excellent reputation requires great products and services. A terrific reputation sets you apart from the competition, which means you’re more likely to get a customer’s business. Having a good safety reputation is one way you can gain the trust of your customers.

Features to Look for in a Safety Inspection App

Choosing a safety inspection app can be difficult because there are a variety of options available. When you’re looking for a safety inspection app, there are a few factors you need to consider.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a beneficial feature because it can save costs on equipment. This includes hardware such as hard disks, RAID cards, and similar items and software. Removing these items from your business reduces operational costs.

It also improves efficiency as the maintenance burden of the hardware is something the cloud provider is responsible for. Data redundancy and replication are other perks of cloud storage. Many cloud storage vendors offer a data center where they store copies of your files to prevent total data loss.

Offline Functionality

Offline functionality is a gold asset for your apps. With offline functionality, you won’t get frustrated with poor connectivity issues. This is critical with a safety inspection app. It needs to work without delays and must be useable regardless of internet stability.

Changes if any need to be updated once connectivity is reestablished.

Checklist Functionality

Checklist functionality allows you to customize each inspection based on the company’s specific needs. This also includes the specific needs of the equipment.

Checklist functionality in an app will enable you to create different work orders and tasks during inspections. This dramatically helps to improve the workflow process. The functionality feature also allows you to report on repairs, which prevents disasters.

Capture Notes

What good are notes if you have to carry around a ton of paper in your pocket? The right construction inspection software will offer the capture notes feature. This lets you take notes on the fly which can later be annotated and shared.

Photos with Annotations

Photos with annotations are helpful when you need to leave notes. This is a quick way of sharing key information that might be easily missed. It is useful for supervisors and team members looking at specific equipment and can help identify areas of concern. This speeds up a business’s workflow and improves productivity.

Draw and Sketch on Photos

When you’re choosing a construction safety inspection app, choose one that allows you to draw and sketch on photos. This draw and sketch feature is beneficial because it enables you to highlight areas quickly and easily.

Having the ability to sketch further extends these capabilities. You can sketch out how the equipment should operate or where a specific issue or problem lies. You can even use this feature to highlight areas that should be cleaned or repaired.

Signature Capture

Signature capture is a convenience feature that allows you to cut business costs from paper receipts. With signature capture, you can also eliminate the chance of individuals claiming they were not aware of a specific job. It also helps reduce your business’s environmental footprint.

Punch List Reports

Punch lists are great for trial-and-error situations. If you tried something new with your business, a punch list report can help you track its success.

If you use different equipment, you could use punch list reports to make a note of the things that went wrong. You can also use this feature to track things that went well. These list reports are in place to ensure that the delivery of the final product is flawless.

Construction site workers discussing data on tablet computer


At Field Eagle, we provide inspection software solutions. This includes:

  • customized enterprise solutions,
  • heavy equipment inspection software,
  • oil and gas inspection software, and a variety of other inspection software solutions.

We offer features that include preventative maintenanceinspection managementhealth, and safety, and other innovative industry features.

Companies that use our software can maintain their current workflow. We help to customize dashboards and make knowledgeable decisions based on holistic data clarity. Businesses can also collect and submit their reports in real-time without delays, and we support digital compliance.

Field Eagle is an award-winning solution. It holds the 2018 Channel Innovation Award and is also the 2015 CDN Channel Elite Awards Mid-Market Solution winner.

We understand how important your business is and what it means to be successful. We are here to help. We are dedicated to helping your business succeed by using innovative technology.

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