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8 Reasons Everyone has an Asset and Equipment Management System and Why You Should Too

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Original Publish Date: July 13, 2016

Out on the field, keeping organized and up to speed can prove to be enormous tasks. Your assets, filing and team management all need to be up to the job and require constant upkeep. To keep your business well oiled and on top of your competition, you need a fantastic asset and equipment maintenance management system. We’ve put together a list of 8 reasons why your competition uses asset management systems and why you should use one too.

1. Have your team and technicians manage seamlessly and save money

A system where anyone on your team can access information, update files, and arrange inspections is a huge step up from filing, lost emails, and dropped calls. More importantly, it’s about the money and time you save. All you need to have for your whole team to work together quickly in real time is a good system. You can supervise inspector performance and activity, arrange and set up tasks and jobs. Answer questions before they even arise in the dashboard and schedule who you need where with a click. Your staff can update information, share pictures and files, and compare inspections for missing and valuable information.

The Field Eagle maintenance software features are impressive:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Hierarchies
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Open API
  • Custom Modules
  • Custom APIs
  • Custom Reports/Templates

2. Security over everything

Your information and reports are top priority and you should always feel secure knowing your assets and their data are being kept safe. Our built-in secure encryption to the home server keeps your information private, even without an internet connection.

Being able to see and track inspections in real time provides peace of mind and helps avoid any missteps and security breaches.

3. It’s a paperless world

With the Field Eagle system you will have inspection and maintenance histories at your fingertips. Detailed checklists, and look-back analysis facilitates safe corrective actions and process improvements that are done instantly. It’s a world without filing, lugging around paperwork, and worrying about lost or stolen information. Costly accidents are a thing of the past as we step into a greener, more secure future. Costly recurrences, unproductive downtime and responsiveness and reliability issues will bother your business no more. Now more than ever, a tablet that is small and easy to disinfect is an asset and a safer way for your team and managers to work. Reducing administrative load is money and stress saved.

4. Organize Your Asset Portfolio

Our reporting suite will give you precise insight into the fitness of your assets, and any serious defects and immediate actions if needed. Asset condition reporting, punch list reports and final compliance reports are at your fingertips, and these are the main reasons your competitors are switching to software like ours.

Of course, there is also the organizational side of things. Keep your documents, standards, regulatory bodies, inspection items, and inspection templates all in one place and in perfect health. Knowing exactly where everything is by assigning assets to a physical location has never been simpler. All documents and associated work will be filed efficiently and electronically by capturing invoices, receipts, requests for bid (RFB), warranty coverages, or purchase orders.

Small Excavator Repair and Maintenance. Caucasian Heavy Equipment Mechanic Trying to Find an Issue. Industrial Theme.

5. Efficiency is money

Field Eagle inspection software allows for in-depth inspections with unlimited item hierarchies to assess the condition of your assets. The faster you have your team complete a task with no issues, lags or problems, the more money your business saves. Not only do inspections become quick, well updated, and in compliance to the latest law, the preventative benefits are where you make your money.

Preventative maintenance focuses on preventing equipment problems from ever happening, which prevents unscheduled downtime and expensive reactive fixes. You save money by eliminating costly emergency repairs, improving equipment uptime, and increasing asset longevity through effective preventative maintenance, condition monitoring, and predictive upkeep.

6. Say goodbye to fines

Standards compliance blunders can be very expensive and very easy to accidentally incur. Our streamlined forms and checklists are one easy way to avoid any problems you may be worried about. Losing the trust of your clients is an unhappy result in fines and breaking codes. Never worry about these issues with a well organized asset management system. Verification of legal compliance is essential. With automation powered by Field Eagle, industry standards are always updated with no risk of data loss in your reports.

7. Asset Inventory and tracking never looked so easy

Moving away from managing assets in spreadsheets or other inefficient systems allows you to gain control over the condition & status of your assets. Reports are generated within seconds which give you information about the health of your equipment at any point in time. Imagine not worrying about losing information while going into the field and losing your signal. Now, no matter where you have your inspection, you can be sure your data is there, and that it will be updated as soon as you return to full WIFI; creating reports digitally greatly reduces administration costs and expensive, ill-informed decisions due to poor data quality.

Site engineer on a construction site

8. Customize any Inspection

You deserve a system that is exactly the right fit for you. Your team has the flexibility to edit any file to do exactly what they need it to.

Many companies will work with pre-designed systems, and those are absolutely fine for most things. However, there are times when your solution demands a more complicated workflow. Any software company worth its salt will be able to work with you to provide a solution that fits the project to exactly what you need. Field Eagle will work on custom modules, custom APIs and custom analytics and reporting to get you the perfect solution and get you on track to a seamless and hassle free inspection.

There are so many aspects of asset and equipment maintenance mangement software to consider when choosing the right company for your industry. Field Eagle is proud to be considered an award winning, top pick for most companies. With years of experience in high-risk industry inspection software, we bring you and your team a sharply tailored approach to the inspection management you deserve and can feel safe and happy using.

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