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Field Eagle stands as the premier software solution for oil and gas companies in Calgary. Designed to meet the unique challenges faced by the oil and gas industry, Field Eagle can streamline inspections, facilitate regulatory compliance, and optimize your operational efficiency. Field Eagle is the trusted partner for companies in Calgary seeking to navigate the complexities of the energy sector with precision.

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Why Field Eagle Oil and Gas Software?

Field Eagle is the premier choice among software solutions for optimizing asset and equipment maintenance, inspections, audits and compliance processes.  

Our oil and gas software offers:

Efficiency & Precision

Field Eagle oil and gas software can bring unparalleled efficiency and precision to your inspection management needs. Our software simplifies complex inspection processes, helping to streamline workflows and minimize errors through the delivery of real-time data. 

Compliance, Simplified

Field Eagle provides a comprehensive platform to meet ISO, OSHA, and industry-specific standards effortlessly, crucial for every oil and gas company in the Calgary area.

Customized Solutions

We provide Calgary’s energy sector with tools for precise data analysis, real-time reporting, and risk management, all while adapting to each company’s specific needs. Field Eagle is the ideal partner for Calgary’s oil and gas industry.

Decades of Experience

Field Eagle is backed by Konverge. A software company with over 30 years of experience. Our team of IT professionals will be around to support Field Eagle for decades more.

Field Eagle’s Features for Calgary Oil and Gas Companies

Remote Inspection

Conduct comprehensive remote inspections across Alberta’s oil fields, minimizing logistical challenges for Calgary oil and gas companies.

Regulatory Compliance Management

If your business wants to explore new capital projects to develop oil and gas resources, Field Eagle can facilitate adherence to industry regulations with intuitive tools that can be customized to meet your precise audit and assessment needs.

Asset Management and Risk Mitigation

Gain precise insights into asset conditions to simplify your inspection and maintenance schedules. Field Eagle helps you protect your assets and the health and safety of your workers, no matter the distance from your Calgary office.  

and more!

Why Field Eagle is the Premier Choice for Calgary’s Oil and Gas Companies

Offering a fully customizable software solution, Field Eagle can help your business streamline workflows and increase maintenance project management efficiency in many ways: 

Effortless Data Capture

Our mobile-friendly templates enable error-free data recording, eliminating the need for time-consuming paper forms to diminish discrepancies and deliver reliable information.

Real-time Insights and Reporting

With instant advanced analytics, Field Eagle empowers informed decision-making, thus enhancing operational agility and efficiency.

Seamless Integration

Field Eagle seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, ensuring smooth continuation of oil and gas exploration operations with minimal interruption.

Ready to Transform Your Oil and Gas Inspection Processes?

Begin your journey to improved inspection processes. Contact us for a free demo or connect with our expert team to discover how Field Eagle can revolutionize your Calgary-based operations.

Customizable at its Core

At the heart of Field Eagle lies its customizable nature. Recognizing that each business is unique, we tailor our software to meet your specific requirements. Designed to align with your business needs, Field Eagle can be fully customized in every aspect to suit your operational demands.

Allows companies to create customized checklists and forms for inspections, work orders, and other processes. These can be tailored to include specific questions and data fields relevant to the company’s operations and can be modified or updated.

The system allows the customization of workflows based on companies’ specific requirements. This includes defining approval processes, creating automatic notifications and alerts, and assigning tasks to specific users or groups.

Custom dashboards provide real-time analytics and insights into data and key performance indicators.

Provides a range of options for customizing reports and analytics. Companies can create custom reports with only the needed data and export them in various formats.

Field Eagle can be integrated with other software and systems like ERP, SAP or CMMS. This allows for a seamless data flow between systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving data accuracy.

field eagle data collection & reporting management system

Get all these Features and More

Company Portal Features

People Management

Data Management

Instant Reporting

Unlimited Item Hierarchies

Client & Location Management

Asset Management

Geo Tagging

Client Portal

Forms & Checklists


Built-In Compliance


Tablet Application Features





Add Items on the Fly

Notes & Photos

RFID & Barcodes

Serious Defect Notifications

Compare Previous Reports

Inspection Sign-Off

Online/Offline Inspections


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We take your privacy seriously and will never share your information.

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We take your privacy seriously and will never share your information.

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We take your privacy seriously and will never share your information.