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People rely daily on the infrastructure and transit systems that governments put in place. Of paramount concern are the safety of our roads, trains, buses and the infrastructure that supports them. 

Field Eagle is the ideal transportation software for managing these risks faster, simpler and smarter and is a proven solution with customized configurations so it meets your unique needs.

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Field Eagle’s Solution




With Field Eagle, you can create inspection processes for all of your rolling stock.  These inspections can include thresholds that trigger work requests to ensure your fleet doesn’t suffer any downtime.



RFID & Barcode Scanning

Equipped with a mobile device with RFID & barcode scanning capabilities, Field Eagle eliminates incomplete inspections due to transcription error and illegible handwriting. Field Eagle helps you optimize the advantages of its equipment asset management capabilities with RFID & barcode scanning.



Mobile Inspections

Getting rid of paper and pen forms in the field and replacing them with a mobile solution has many advantages. Your inspection forms will never be out of date and inspectors will carry fewer things. With a mobile solution, standards are pre-defined and as questions are answered they are measured directly against them. This allows the inspector to easily identify non-compliance issues on the spot and reduces human error & ensure accuracy.


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