• Author: The Field Eagle Team
  • Published: 10/21/2022 12:00:00 AM

In the Field Episode 2

Short Transcript of the Podcast


Like you said, there's not a lot of geochemists in the world right now. I'm sure that there's, you know, up and coming students who are interested in this field. So what's the future of their workplace going to look like?


You know what? I still think mining mineral exploration is going to be cyclical. So, we prepared for a ride when, you know, at one point in time in my career when I was running a company, we were flying and it was an upcycle and we needed geologists. We were flying guys back and forth from Denmark. We're great geologists, but I mean, we actually flew them back and forth from Denmark.

And they were very well-paid. But there could be times when you're not employed. What's really changed I think for me on the on the Geochem side is, I mean, geochemistry - a lot of people think about is early stage, doing a soil survey, putting dirt in the bag. So it's a bit more complicated than that.

And again, now people do a lot more with their data. First of all, we have a lot more data. Like I said, up to 60 elements plus all kinds of other variables. Maybe we did some of the analysis in the field with our XRF. We know a lot more about how we have to interpret the results with regards to landforms.

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