• Author: The Field Eagle Team
  • Published: 3/29/2022 10:39:07 AM

Why you need a Digital Checklist App and Punchlist

Every type of workplace will have to complete specific tasks to remain compliant with safety regulations, and this is true regardless of whether you run a restaurant or office. Conducting regular safety inspections and maintaining checklist records are just two examples of tasks that must be done. While it's possible to complete these checklists on paper, there are disadvantages to this method, and a digital checklist would be a better choice.

Benefirs of Digital Checklist App and Punchlist

Keeping paper checklists around the workplace is an option, although it is outdated, and the following are just some reasons why you should make your workplace checklists digital:

    1. Convenience. Paper will wear down, and ink will eventually fade, which will make it very hard to determine if a task was completed. Handwritten checklists can be hard to read over time, and paper can also be easily lost. Additionally, when handwriting is not legible, mistakes will happen, resulting in double the work, miscommunication and failure. With digital checklists, you will not have to worry about these problems as the paper will no longer be a concern.
    2. Sustainability. The use of paper is not sustainable, which is very problematic for companies interested in going green. This is a concern every company needs to care about as the use of paper will affect our environment, but digital checklists will solve this problem. This type of transformation will allow your company to utilize environmentally-friendly practices, and going digital will allow you to promote sustainability which is very important.
    3. Access and availability. Unlike paper, employees can access digital files at any time so that checklists can be opened at any time. No more looking through stacks of paper that can be buried in boxes or drawers because digital lists can be accessed from any device, so everyone will know which tasks have been completed and which ones are yet to be done.
    4. Compliance. Digitizing safety checklists will allow you to create a workplace that complies with safety regulations from across the world. This means you will not be limited to the regulations where your business is located and will have access to more information so that you can maintain compliance. You will be able to track which inspections have occurred and when they occurred because all of your files will be stored in one secure location.
    5. Speed. Fast reaction times are a must in every workplace, and this is especially important for accidents and when hazards are discovered during inspections. Digital checklists will allow you to protect yourself and your employees, and you will be able to record problems quickly and easily. This would let you to fix issues immediately, and you will have the opportunity to schedule repairs right away to ensure workplace safety.

Reasons why you need Digital Checklist App

The reality is that digital checklists will save you time and money while increasing efficiency and productivity, and Field Eagle can help by providing you with safety inspection software.

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