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Have you ever had a “What If…” moment?

You’re watching the news and ANOTHER mining/oil and gas accident, turn on the radio and hear about them and then you go online and see hundreds of articles and reports on the situation and you start thinking of “what if” scenarios.  You know these situations could have been prevented, and it continuously boggles your mind, and you continuously wonder, why wasn’t steps in place to prevent this/to stop this/to save the situation.

At Field Eagle we have those moments too!

Preventable accidents happen every day in industries where risk is high.  Accidents where innocent people are injured or killed, where extreme harm is done to the environment, and where companies lose millions of dollars in damages and criminal charges.   Inspections are crucial in these industries (Mining and Oil & Gas especially), but then you think, if most accidents are preventable, why were they not caught during crucial inspections? Were the inspections done correctly or done at all? Did the inspector miss a red flag during his/her inspection?


What if they had Field Eagle?

Field Eagle is an inspection software that allows you to standardize and simplify the inspection process. Field Eagle will help eradicate the occurrences of preventable accidents by making inspections easy, quick and cost effective. As an added bonus, Field Eagle can help save company’s money, risks and improve operational efficiencies.

In the course of 6 weeks, we are profiling six preventable accidents that happened around the world in the mining and Oil & Gas industries. 

Follow our blog to read up on the accidents and how Field Eagle could have created a different outcome.  Join the discussion on twitter with @fieldeagle #FEPrevent


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