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  • Published: 4/11/2022 3:19:51 PM

Digital Preventative Maintenance Checklist and Punch Lists

Equipment malfunction can lead to unnecessary downtime and negatively affect your company's productivity levels. A preventative maintenance checklist can prevent this while extending your equipment's service life. This is a strategy you need to invest in because it will ensure every step and procedure is taken care of.

This type of checklist will itemize a list of tasks that need to be completed, so team members will know which processes to follow regarding maintenance. Your checklist will establish reliable steps that are proven to work so your factory, office or facility will function more effectively. There are several benefits to a preventive maintenance checklist, including efficient work and maximized labour. These checklists make it easier for technicians to complete the required maintenance procedures. Tasks will be done faster, which will reduce downtime, and technicians will be able to work on other skilled jobs.

Troubleshooting and reporting will also become more manageable as your checklist will provide you with consistency and serve as the perfect foundation to measure maintenance activity. Tasks and outcomes will become standardized, eliminating any guesswork or miscommunications, which will reduce the chances of errors. This will help technicians pinpoint issues with more certainty, and they will apply the right solution to produce better results.

Digital Preventative Maintenance Checklist

A practical preventive maintenance checklist will focus on safety and all necessary details. Every checklist must start and end with safety instructions and provide enough details so that new technicians can efficiently complete the tasks. Ensuring your lists are sequential is also a must, so make sure all duties are outlined in their order of completion. Establishing the correct order will help you create a practical framework, so follow this order of tasks: safety, clean, inspect, replenish, replace, rebuild. Provide pictures and diagrams if possible as visual representations will not just help make jobs easier but will clarify vagueness as well.

Make sure your checklist is concise because when every task states the necessary action and goal, you will always experience maximum efficiency. It’s also recommended that you include total times on your checklist as this will inform technicians of time requirements for each task which will prevent them from feeling rushed.

Preventive maintenance checklists are handy as they will eliminate communication problems while lowering the possibility of human error. Your list will serve as your guide, and you will experience better efficiency and safer operations, so it’s an integral part of any effective preventative maintenance program.

The right software will help you create the perfect checklist, and Field Eagle is the right software. So fill out the form below, request a demo, or contact us today for a consultation and see how Field Eagle can help you today!

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