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  • Published: 6/5/2020 4:59:07 PM

Inspection Software Blog - Prebuilt Templates For Checklists and Inspections

Due to constantly changing technology, organizations need to pivot and innovate to adapt to markets and climates. In high-risk industries, efficiency is of the highest importance. Inspection software has introduced a plethora of benefits that cannot be ignored. From a centralized hub equipped to store data and reports to prebuilt templates for your needs, digital inspection forms and checklists are now easier and faster to complete.

What is an Inspection Checklist?

An inspection checklist or an inspection sheet is used by inspectors in various industries. It helps determine whether or not the asset, process, or facility that they’re monitoring is in compliance with internal, local, and/or governing organizations. These checklists play an important role in the assessment of their inspections. It shows them as a comprehensive overview with detailed documentation of the company’s commodity, which allows corporations to endorse it upon the completion of the review.

Inspection Software Blog - Prebuilt Templates

The Benefits of Prebuilt Templates

Prebuilt templates will keep inspectors on task, granting them complete visibility during each assessment and peace of mind while working; it empowers them to perform their job properly with a thorough guide at their disposal. With a clear documentation of their work, companies can rest easy knowing that the inspections will comply with regulatory bodies, eliminating much of the risk and potential for errors.

Accuracy is easily achieved with prebuilt templates. By removing barriers and transforming inspection teams and processes, performing an inspection checklist has never been faster and easier. A digital depository for each template can be edited and resolved on the go. Assets can be monitored and updated with unlimited forms and hierarchies built in to the inspection software.

A List of Common Inspection Checklist Templates

1. OSHA Self Inspection Checklist

This detailed checklist allows general inspections to be performed and it ensures compliance with OSHA’s regulations.

2. CCOHS Inspection Checklist

Now more than ever, health and safety is on top of everyone’s priority. From air quality to personal equipment or safety devices, all facets of the inspection should be made simple and easy to access.

This detailed fact sheet contains questions and answers that covers a wide range of workplace health and safety topics that include hazards, diseases, and workplace promotion.

3. Building Inspection Checklist

This digital guide aids in establishing workplace health and safety standards. It safeguards practices and allows professionals to perform a thorough audit in any office or working environment.

4. Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Security and safety in moving assets is perhaps more important than many others because the probability of human life being endangered is much higher. Checks should be performed daily, before using the vehicle, and the volume of checks necessary is another reason a pre-created checklist is a key to easing the stress of missing or incomplete information.

You’re looking at a sheet that contains all the many parts of the vehicle like the exterior, engine, electrical, interior, and operations.

Industries that will Benefit from these Features

Any industry that needs to meet requirements, follow safety laws or procedures will need to have a flexible and detailed inspection checklist. Beyond the obvious legal reasons, a pre-built template minimizes human error to almost zero. Inspection checklists are fluid, changing, and often compromise hundreds of parts, so there are easy components to miss or accidentally forget to include. Human error tends to go up when repetitive but detailed tasks are needed because we’re wired in a way that skips over information the brain is used to and considers less important. An inspection checklist alleviates these fears and provides you with maintained and updated information for any need.

Inspection Software Blog - Prebuilt Templates

The Best Asset and Inspection Management Software

Field Eagle is a field inspection software system that simplifies and standardizes digital inspection forms and checklists to improve your operation’s efficiency and ensure that your company complies with regulatory bodies. High volume inspections, audits, and inventories can be created with ease and efficiency with Field Eagle.

Effortlessly edit and resolve your detailed inspection checklists with our robust tool.

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