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There are hundreds of accidents that occur in the Oil and Gas sector each year – from large scale spills, to loss of life and property, to environmental catastrophes. All accidents are preventable with the correct methodology and rigor around doing the things that are necessary to prevent them.

One of the most critical things necessary is accurate validation of the condition of your assets – whether it’s a rig, a large machine, or a shipping vessel. That validation can only happen by performing a thorough, standardized inspection of all your assets. Visual inspections are necessary, and indeed critical, to ensure optimal safety and performance.

Doing inspections using paper and pen is not good enough.

You need an inspection regimen that is specifically configured for your asset. You need to capture photos and notes of each item that is not up to standard. You need to have specific questions that are answered in a specific way in order to meet your standards, with automatic notification of results that are outside of acceptable range. You need to have a report that is generated instantaneously, giving actionable items that need fixing right away.  You need to have a readily accessible archive of your asset condition, plotting trends over time.

Field Eagle addresses all the challenges related to field inspection and reporting in an easy to use, cost effective package.

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