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Be present

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are present for the safety inspection. However, the last thing any inspector wants to deal with is a client or concerned individual slowing the process down. If you are going to be present, keep yourself situated in the background. Watch and observe but do not get in the way of the safety inspection.

The safety inspection is done so anyone using the facility or products can be assured that they are safe, secure and the potential for injuries is kept at a strict minimum. You can follow the inspector along and watch the aspects that he or she inspects. If you notice any aspects that the inspector may have missed or overlooked, then make notes and wait until the inspection is done to inquire about it. What you may have thought to be a safety issue may very well be an aspect that has nothing to do with safety.

Be vigilant

Whether you are the inspector or are watching him or her work, pay attention to every detail. In a home, this will include the things that most homeowners won’t readily see. Black mold, for instance, can cause serious health issues and often hides in the most obscure, out-of-view places in the home, but there are always telltale signs that it may exist.

The best thing that anyone can do in order to prepare for a safety inspection is to understand the importance of different aspects of the property being inspected. For example, a car has many features that add to the safety of not only the driver, but also of the other people sharing the road. Brakes may be the one thing that seems most important, but a crack in the windshield can be a serious potential safety risk.

Have the right equipment

To get the most out of your safety inspection, you will need the right technology to assist you. That means having a computer software application that will allow you to enter in all the information as you work, rather than waiting until you get back to your office to manually create a spreadsheet. When you have the right tools, you can be well assured that your next safety inspection will be done right.

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