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  • Published: 5/18/2016 1:41:34 PM

How field data collection software can help you streamline your inspection processes and ensure all data collected is accurate


Field Eagle - Field Data Collection Software


What was once done on paper and clipboards, can now be done on a mobile devices such as a tablet. The problem with paper and clipboard data collection is the slow backlog of data that needs to be catalogued once the data is collected. Automated data collection can generate reports in seconds and synchronize the data back to head office where management can review the analytics and make faster more accurate decisions based on this information. It is even possible for management to see in real time the data that field technicians are gathering. Gone are the days of waiting weeks or even months for reports to make business decisions.

Data collection software not only speeds up the data-to-reporting process, it is also far more accurate.  As inspections are configured in the system, management can set up instruction guides and videos within each question.  These guides are optional, however, if utilized can instruct inspectors how to inspect the unit at hand, in real time.  Furthermore, data collection software ensures that every questions is answered in full, without omissions, before the inspection is completed.  If questions are not completed, or requirements were left incomplete, the tablet application will not authorize the inspector to proceed to reporting.  This functionality helps reduce the risks of human error. Data collection software allows for various types of media capture depending on the abilities of the tablet.  Capturing barcodes, and RFID codes is another way to ensure accuracy because they eliminate manual data entry which is susceptible to human error.


Field Eagle Field Data Software


Data collection software includes a server component and mobile component.  These two parts synchronize over a secure connection to transmit data. Data is generated into reports within seconds.

Whether you are collecting data on complex machinery or taking inventory in a stock yard, field data collection software can help you streamline your inspection processes and ensure all data collected is accurate. Mistakes are costly and sluggish data collection puts organizations in a poor position to compete in today’s fast-paced digital world.

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