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  • Published: 5/14/2018 3:02:52 PM

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When it comes to technology, there is always something new that is being released. Whether it is something that provides a new way of doing something, a more efficient way or even just a different way, technology offers many things that help businesses thrive. With that being said, there are some fields of business that are being changed because of growing technology. Field inspection software has grown and brought with it a new avenue for businesses, HR software has grown to be a fundamental element in certain applications and inventory management software has created a new method of management. Technology has changed many aspects of business.


When it comes to field inspection software, there are many different industries that have been shaped by technology. The mining industry has seen an increase in the ability to tracks assets on the job site, inspections have gone digital, removing the need for pen and paper, and punch list reports can now become instant. There are other industries that benefit from going mobile as well. Oil and gas have seen a push to mobile with forms and reports being created directly on the job site. The transportation industry has seen the push to a digital work-space useful as things become more streamlined with the inclusion of bar-codes and online fleet management. The construction industry has now seen more people working on the job site in all aspects of construction inspection. This includes reports, safety management, and site reports. Many industries are seeing an increase in technology use as they are looking for new ways to expand their business's ability to work harder and smarter.  


Technology has helped to create the ability for more people to have access to the services that they need in a much more timely manner. This has provided companies with the ability to more effectively manage operations. Keep track of work order and efficiently manage preventive maintenance with the added assistance of technology.

Asset management has been a tedious task that has greatly improved with technology. Instead of traditional pen and paper methods of asset management that required regular, time-consuming assets checks and procedures can now be tracked with live updates as assets are managed. This allows for less time spent worrying and tracking assets and more time optimizing operations.

When you are looking for your next technological solution to bring your business to the next level, then think of Field Eagle. Field Eagle specializes in providing your business with access to technology that will increase productivity and help to bring your business to a new level of efficiency. You can be more productive when you use a Field Eagle technological solution.



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