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3:02pm on April 4th, 2010 an explosion erupted deep inside Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal, West Virginia, killing all 29 miners who were working inside. 

 The cause of the explosion was:

-inadequate ventilation
-the failure to control methane gas and coal dust
-inoperable sprinklers
-unmaintained equipment

 This is a case of “Industrial homicide” Massey Energy’s leaders put coal production ahead of following basic safety procedures.  As a result of poor corporate culture, 29 lives were taken and four former employees are doing time in prison. New mine management Alpha Natural Resources also paid a $265 Million settlement lawsuit it inherited from Massey after taking over.

 What if they had Field Eagle?

At the Upper Big Branch, the health and safety procedures were overlooked because they prioritized coal production over safety standards. If the mine’s inspectors had a field inspection software like Field Eagle, they would have a standardized inspection sheet to follow and check despite any objections.  Therefore, the issues and safety demerits would have been found and dealt with on a timely basis.  And to the mine owner’s benefit, the inspection would be quick and efficient; while reports are created in seconds so coal production would not have to stall for long.

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